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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anniversary Run + A Fresh Start

So here I am, a runner for two solid years now with a lot of ups and not too many downs. Fortunately I can only recall 2 "major" injuries --- hip bursitis in May 2010 and IT Band in May 2011 (May.... not my best month). I can recall a lot of fabulous moments of joy, shock, relief and success!  Last night during my two mile run (I know, so short, but I was okay with that) - 1 mile for each year - I was thinking about my past races. I thought of seeing my mom around mile 2.5 in my first race and how she was trying not to cry. I thought of my first 10K when I was about to cry and just wanted my mommy to come get me. I thought of seeing my mom in the stands when I crossed the 5K in Disney World for the first time. Gee whiz, I am such a mommy's girl! I also thought about the fun I've had with fellow runners/bloggers. It has been an awesome two years!

Run wise I did okay, aside from stiff knees from the Warrior Dash! I paused a few times just to stretch a bit and just reflect. I know, I am so corny - but I think I was just blown away by all that I did. I mean I am the first to say I am a total slacker. How this slacker has managed to have 23 races so far and always take away something positive is just astonishing to me. I mean seriously, race #24 is on Saturday!

Normally I'd be hard on myself if I felt like I was stopping too much. Or I'd be disappointed if I was going to slow. For this run I was just so happy I was doing it. Two years ago that night I was running only 60 seconds at a time, then walking for 90 seconds. I've come a long way and never realized it until last night. 

So now I want a fresh start. I have the Prefontaine Memorial 10K on Saturday. Originally I wanted to PR it, but I also thought I would have been training more. I didn't plan to lose 2 solid weeks to Meniere's disease right at the peak time for preparing for the Disneyland Half and Pre. So the new plan is to go, do my best, not get all emotional and cry just because I'm on Pre's turf and really enjoy myself! 

After this, I start fresh. I'm not like those of you that can run for 13 miles with only walking through water stops. Maybe some day. Hopefully some day. But right now I am not there. Heck I have never run a 10K without walking at least a few times. I'm cleaning the slate. After the Pre I will be dedicated to running and cross-training (which, by the way I have not missed a single day of swim class!). I printed the Jeff Galloway training plan for the Walt Disney World Marathon Relay. I don't know that I'll follow it, but I'll maybe use it as a friendly suggestion of what to do. And I have to start grasping that I am running two half marathons two days in a row. It will certainly be a challenge, which is why I want to rededicate myself and see just what I can do! And I can't ignore the fact that I have a half marathon in October and one in December .... so there isn't really any more time for slacking!


  1. I really want to be like you in 2 years! After the Pre I hope to keep finding 5k's and maybe another 10k to keep the momentum and training going. :)

  2. @arena - I hope you enjoy the Pre! It is certainly challenging ... the only flat part being the lap on the track at the end, but it is still an awesome course! Say hi if you see me strolling my way up a hill since I am notorious for walking up them instead of running!

  3. Oh I know, I live here in Coos Bay, so I've been driving up and down 'Agony Hill' and thinking about the best way to attack the beast, lol. If I notice you I will definitely say hi :)

  4. Don't fret over the consecutive races..... Perspective plays a huge roll in Performance. The mind is a powerful thing.

    Go out and have fun!!!


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