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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Just Really "Home" Sick

It is Fall. It is Halloween Season. It is perhaps my favorite time of year. But this year I am just sad.  For the first time in a decade I am not in Florida with my "family" doing all the fun things I like. Food and Wine Festival. My birthday. Halloween Horror Nights. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. The Fall festival in Celebration, Florida. Margaritaville. Mocking tourists. Playing with horrible fanny packs and hats after getting off of Jurassic Park. Souvenir cups that light up, filled with a drink that always has a great name .... my favorite is still the "Embalming Fluid" from the 2002 Halloween Horror Nights. I miss watching the "locals" in line for haunted houses with my friends. I miss grabbing onto people and screaming and running around. I miss the feeling of taking a first step into a haunted maze and just hoping that someone will truly terrify me this time around. I miss the humidity. (what???) I miss that terribly long walk to my car through that ginormous parking structure. I miss my friends.

I always go to Florida during September/October. We always hit Food & Wine at Epcot (repeatedly). We always do Halloween Horrors Nights. It is always a fabulous time. I always have my traditional lunch with my BFF (Brian) at ESPN Club and then get our photo strip pictures in the booth on the Boardwalk. I am a creature of habit, yet this year I took a break. Instead I am running in some half marathons and going to Las Vegas. Sure I'll be in Florida in January, but it isn't the same. I won't get my usual thrills with blood covered people running after me.  I'll get to have my Epcot drinks, but it just isn't the same vibe. 

I sound like such a baby. I mean a lot of people have never been to Florida and here I am whining that I am missing a Fall visit for the first time in a decade. All the festival/Halloween stuff aside, I am just really homesick for my "family". 

I might start running more to make the time go by. This makes me feel like 2012 will be the year I finally do the Wine & Dine Half Marathon so I have a reason to go back home.

Maybe I'll go to the Halloween store today. Although I suspect the store's arrival (it is seriously a 2 minute walk from my desk at work) is what brought on my sadness. I just love it so much. 


  1. aww, I've only been to Disneyworld once for my honeymoon in 2006 but I miss it lots. Although you can have the humidity. ;)

  2. I love the Scooby Doo Crew costumes. I have that dress from New York & Co, except it's a shirt for me.

    Anyway, I'm sorry you're not going this year but I'm super jealous you've been. I've always wanted to go to Mickey's not so scary Halloween and meet Maleficent.

    Fred and I are thinking about doing it next year, so keep that in mind :-)

  3. Okay Abby - you're on. I'm going to make it my goal during the half to convince you two to come back in October for Wine & Dine. It'll be a little reunion.... again.

    Seattle, Florida, Portland, Florida ... a lot of reunions!

    Arena - I totally checked out all of your WDW photos on your facebook page last week! :)

  4. Haha! I told you, we're meant to be BFFs, twin! And depending on how the Portland race goes, we might be neighbors in a few years.

    But you won't have to try to had to convince us. Fred has been wanting to do it for years. My only request is that we try to drink around the world. That's another bucket list thing I have to do!

  5. Drinking around the World ... I am so IN for that one! I've tried but then I have one margarita and like it so much I get two. Then I've had a shot of schnapps in Germany and was done! We had to get food in me ASAP. Alright - I am up for the challenge!

  6. Right on!! "I am a creature of habit"

    Don't be sad now. Go buy you a few Halloween costumes and wear it to work... (is it allowed?)

  7. Do wine and dine next year! I am going with all of my girlfriends for my 40th birthday weekend.
    Are you running the Rock N Roll Vegas or just visiting?

  8. Next year IS my Wine and Dine year. Yay! And I'm doing RnR. I've been wanting to do it since last year, so I am excited that it is finally getting kind of close!

  9. Rumor has it that Heather and I are already planning costumes for W&D12...


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