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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warrior Dash - Mudtastic!!

WARRIOR!!!! --- That is what my co-worker said with full enthusiasm when he walked up to my desk yesterday. We did Warrior Dash on Saturday, but the vibe still carries strong. What a bad ass day!!

Biker Boy and I registered for this ages ago - this was supposed to be our first race together (ha, are we surprised I sucked him into two before this?). Having an afternoon start time was nice, letting me sleep in and actually have a normal breakfast. The biggest concern wasn't over fuel or physical prowess, it was the heat. With highs in the upper 90's (and my ability to suck in the heat) we were only worried about passing out. Fortunately the course was very shady, and the first obstacle had us jumping in a river which immediately rinsed off a lot of sweat. So let's back up to the beginning!

We drove out to the middle of nowhere in Northwest Oregon. I think getting there was half the battle actually! Parking was insane, chaotic, unorganized... but we ended up with an awesome spot! Quickly got our bibs, COTTON t-shirts (lame), hats and timing chips then rushed back to the car to get ready. Of course we forgot sunblock, but it ended up not mattering. Phew! With 2 waterproof disposable cameras in hand we hurried up to the start. It was pretty informal and you could tell everyone was ready for a party! I can't remember the exact order of the obstacles, but does that even matter? Do you care? No. 

The race started with about a mile of a trail run on a narrow, dusty path. I was spitting dirt for so long. It wasn't downhill for too long before we were almost climbing up a freaking mountain. I laughed at people actually pretending to run because it was just not happening. Too congested, they were mostly just bouncing up and down wasting energy. Mid-run we got to splash in a creek - felt great! After the last climb we head back down and all hollered as we jumped into the river for our first obstacle..... climbing over logs. I loved it! I rocked it out pretty much, and even got kicked in the kidney. Go me!

Running through tires was a piece of a cake, as was crawling over the cars. I loved standing on the top of one - never done that before!

One obstacle that looked worse than it is was pretty much just and up and over ladder thing. Looks cool, but not hard and not scary.

The 12 foot wall made me nervous when I saw it on the website. Going up was fun and hard on the arms (because my arms suck) but not scary. Once at the top that all changed. I clinged for a while trying to tell myself to put one leg over the top. And of course while straddling the wall I started getting dizzy. Some nice girls that had yet to start told me I was doing awesome, which helped me get my other leg over. However, while moving the 2nd leg I said, and I quote, "I'd rather be at the gynecologist!" Okay, not true, but at the time, maybe. It was just damn awkward!

Another wall challenge was up.... this time it was harder to climb, and then we had to slide down the other side. Holy canoli! I had no idea how far down that drop was until I developed the film and saw this photo!

We ran through tires hanging down - like swings on a farm in Nebraska. (Okay, I saw one like that driving cross-country, that's how that state was chosen.) Lamest obstacle. No challenge at all. My buddy did get hit hard in the face by a tire though, but he always went through really fast and was competing. I was there for fun and knew I wouldn't win anything.

There was a huge flat cargo net obstacle and I enjoyed. I compared it to things I've seen on Survivor. That one was fun, but we did have some jackasses that came running over it all and almost took some of us out. They were a pain in my ass on more than one occasion.

I rappelled down a hill!

I liked the over/under. I was pretty awesome at this one!

Cue the Super Mario music! These table top things were RAD!!! They were not steady at all. You climb up on the first then jump from step to step, all of different heights and distances apart. The guy working this location sang the Mario theme song the whole time. I loved it! I wanted this to go longer.

Another big set of steps to go up, with a fireman pole to slide down. OUCH!! Instant redness and I still have the bruise to show for it!

Sadly it was all coming toward an end. We went up and over a cargo net thing. The rowdy team got in trouble here, that made me happy. I really liked this obstacle, too!

More running up more hills. Seriously, how can this course - that is a circle - be uphill the entire time?

And then it finally came. The part I was waiting for .... the fire pits!! Sadly the official photos missed my first jump. I was rocking the hell out of it and I know it looked awesome. I wanted more fire. Two jumps was just not enough for me!

Posing for pictures - back left.
Up and over a small crest and we were there ... the big finale .... the MUD!! We slid on into the pit and just went for it. I believe, as I was rolling around getting thoroughly muddy, I said, "Rose would be so proud!" I loved the mud. Oh my gosh way too fun!! The girl in front of us was doing the backstroke through it. I kid you not! Out of the pit and over a slippery mound, which then let me go sliding face first down the hill toward the finish. This is when I lost my bib, crashed into people and got mud in my eye. I'm still bummed about the bib. I grabbed what I thought was mine. It wasn't. I'm keeping it. Posed for friends near the finish, then brought it on home!

See me on the right?

Eventually we found the cleaning station. Yeah ..... clean? In that? Oh well, we tried. I stayed dirty for hours after, even at the pub we stopped at on the way home!

Cheered on friends/co-workers, shopped, watched BB have beer, enjoyed the area .... then went home. A very fun day!! Can't wait to do it again!


  1. How fun!! You rocked it girl! you are such a warrior!! :D

  2. I'm SO glad you had so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome! I loved the Warrior Dash! Gret pics!

  4. Sounds like such an awesome time! You are a bad ass warrior!

  5. Awesome race!! :) I want those Mario tables by me! :(

  6. What a blast! Those obstacles looked like so much fun!

  7. So cool!!! Love the pics!

  8. I love that you took photos along the way. I so want to do this race and now that I have the inside scoop from you I am going for it. What fun!


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