To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's A Bullet Point Bonanza!

  • I am feeling more and more pleased with how I did in Saturday's Prefontaine Memorial 10K. This year was warmer (bad for me), dryer (which for me isn't always better), for a while I was at 7:30 minute mile pace (I love downhills!) and I did cross the finish at 6:09 pace, I threw up with less than 2 miles to go .... and I still finished within seconds of last year's time. To me this is success! Conditions were more favorable for me in 2010, yet I overcame it and really pushed hard this year!
  • Pushing hard has made my left leg feel not perfect. Hmm.... I'll be watching this very carefully!
  • Training will gently begin tonight for half marathon number 7, the Portland Half Marathon on October 9th.
  • Because my calendar was starting to look bare, I am now doing the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon on October 29th (which will put me at 11 in 11months). AND I added the WDW 5K to my Walt Disney World Marathon weekend calendar!
  • Today I start working on my costume for the Halloween half marathon.
  • I'm really sad that for the first time in a decade I will not be in Orlando at all during the Halloween season. 
  • I just learned how to do screen shots on my new phone!
  • Team Jam was having so much fun in Disneyland, it took them 29:24 to run mile 3. Run. Ha! (That is just mile 3. Not 3 miles, but only mile three!)
  • Team Jam really DID run in a circle for a "do over" photo op at the Castle .... and here's the Garmin proof!  
  • A new girl was in swim class yesterday. I think she is younger than me. It made me feel REALLY old.
  • I didn't brush my hair Sunday and it was awesome!
  • I am NOT thrilled with this lame news about a new Avatar land in MY Disney's Animal Kingdom. I feel like it is going to ruin the pure, quiet beauty of the natural world. They obviously didn't consult me on this one. 
  • Swim class is paying off. I've been noticing that my body shape is changing. My tummy feels flatter. My upper thighs/butt region are smaller. It's pretty damn cool!
  • I'm still too scared to go use the weight machines. I've been seeing hard bodied women with unfriendly faces lately in the mornings. I like my jolly grandma swim class where we are all accepting and friendly. But I want to do the weights. Maybe I could wear sunglasses and just ignore them.
  • That's all for now.
  • Oh, and I still can't stop watching Real Housewives of NJ or Jersey Shore.  I once dated a Vinny from New Jersey. That's all.


    1. I can't remember the last time I brushed my hair.

    2. Runaway Punkin...will you dress like one? That would be rad

    3. @Rose - at least you DID wax your pits!

      @Funderson - I was a pumpkin for my first Halloween. I can't do repeats. ;) BUT I just bought the first two pieces to my outfit today ... and hopefully it will still be cool even though it is not at all pumpkiny!

    4. i had no idea about the avatar land- still haven't seen the movie yet, guess I should get around to taht.

    5. Totally understand what you meant by those older folks are more accepting and friendlier. I say, "Forget those unfriendly faces! go lift some weights!"

      I cannot wait to see your costumes! I have NEVER dressed up before. NEVER. Yeap. I think you made up for it, though!

    6. I get over feeling old at the gym by going int he middle of the day with all the senior citizens :)

    7. Dude, first of all 11 half marathons in 11 months?! OMG, that is incredible!!! You are the awesomeness!

      As for the weights, you need to just do it. Who cares about the mean faced ladies. PUMP SOME IRON!

    8. No airbrushing in Sunday. Awesome.

      Bullet point posts!!!!!

    9. They are all mean faced because they think everyone is judging them LOL and are you? Well then! Go and do some weights and show em how it's done!


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