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-Steve Prefontaine
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Hi there, remember me? I used to post all the freaking time and then just went nearly silent. Yeah, Fruit Fly is the blog name. Hi! Nice to see you again!

I have so much to say, that I have no idea what to say or how to say it! I thought instead I'd just send you a little letter like they used to do way back in the day before the world wide web.  Sunday was the Disneyland Half Marathon (Yeah, like you missed that memo??) and although it is now Thursday I am still NOT recovered. Physically I am fine, but I cannot wake up. I did manage to get to swim class yesterday - and pretty much phoned it in. I tried, but my body wasn't cooperating, and I was caught exercising with my eyes closed. True story.  To explain, Thursday I was up at 2am, after sleeping 3 hours. I flew to Anaheim and began my Disneyland vacation, which meant very little sleep. Saturday morning I was up early for the 5K race, and then up at 3:40 for the half on Sunday. I never stopped moving Sunday until 11pm when I finally crawled in bed. I willingly did this to myself, but seriously, I'm pooped!

I took 199 photos during the half marathon. I don't know my number for the 5K or just Disneyland in general. Rose took 192 I think. Then there are official race photos. I went through EVERYTHING last night. I uploaded 200 photos just from racing to facebook last night. Sleep probably would have been a better idea, but the pictures were just too fun! I mean there were asses rubbing on gators, girls squatting to pee, "Twinkle Toes" as I affectionately called him and soooo much more. I couldn't tear myself away!

I miss Team Jam. We were such an awesome 3some. I know most people look forward to the finish line, but I was really bummed when we finally saw it. I just didn't want it all to end. I'll give you a recap soon - when I have access to my photos.

Warrior Dash is on Saturday. Biker Boy and I sort of have a team uniform, but nothing crazy. I didn't have enough energy or creativity left over for Warrior Dash. I can't wait - it's going to be awesome!

Splash Mountain killed my phone. It was my next to last Disneyland ride Monday night. My purse was still wet by the time I got to Oregon Tuesday evening. The new phone arrives tomorrow. Perhaps now I'll be able to be more of a Twitter participant since I never use it right now.

And I think that is all. I just wanted to say Hi, see how you were doing. Wanna grab lunch? Or maybe we could meet up some other time for a little afternoon tea? Let me know. I'm pretty free - except for Saturday's race and the following Saturday's race, and then all that time I'll be training for the Portland Half Marathon next month. Pencil me in!

Keep in touch,


  1. I agree with Rose... I miss you! I'm glad you had fun at Disney though. Hurry back!!

  2. it sure looks like you guys had a lot of fun on Sunday!!!!!
    I saw a woman who looked like you while I was in line for the massage and I yelled out "Fruit Fly!!!" quite loud...! I got some looks...and well it was not you!

  3. Nice shot! And I get tired just by reading anything to do with your epic trip.

    Is the guy in the background taking a picture of ya'll on his cellphone.....?


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