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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Intervals/Racing Question + 2012 W&D

1st - I'm already set to run the Walt Disney World 2012 Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I know I'm not the only one. And it is possible I'm already stalking the Halloween store for next year's 5K outfit! I might put myself on a race break after that one. I'm behind on my turkey baster plan. I don't even remember how long ago it was I put my life plan in an outline form and racing was supposed to be paused after the 2011 Vegas RnR Half Marathon. Well as it is now I am committed to races through June 2012 - so why not add W&D? After that I better get to work on creating my offspring.

2010 Princess weekend,
a week before the piercings went away!
2nd - Intervals. This is all new to me. Tonight will be my second run (last night my tummy was churning and the thought of running was just not there. Plus my homesickness for Florida friends made me melancholy and more in the mood to work on my running Smash book versus actually running). Anyhoozy .... when it comes to racing, what do you interval runners do? I'm totally going into next week's Portland Half Marathon with the plan to Galloway it the entire 13.1 miles. The first run was such a success that I am willing to interval the whole thing to see how it goes! Here's where my question lies -- aid stations. How do you handle those? If you hit one during your running interval do you just grab and keep running? (I pretty much can't drink and run unless it is from my bottle. That whole bend the cup stuff doesn't work for me - it only helps send the water up my nose and on my shirt.) So do any of you that do intervals have advice on tackling that during a race? 

OMG, the guy that pierced, um, "the girls" a couple summers ago is standing at the counter paying his water bill. I'm very sure he doesn't remember me. But still kind of strange to look up and see someone that has seen you topless before. **No, they are not still pierced. Running started becoming more frequent and they had to go bye bye after the 2010 Princess weekend!** TMI??


  1. I think the point of galloway is that you GET to walk the waterstations!!!! Are your waterstations at weird points? Are you walking every mile or after a certain time??? Oh I am so curious now!!

    So, you can use a straw if you want to keep running. Just bring your own :)

    Very excited for your new approach to racing !

  2. Hahaha with the TMI! Interesting read about the galloway thing. I sent the link to a friend whose BFF signed them both up for a half in January and she doesn't run AT ALL yet. She keeps sending me frantic messages about 'how in the world am I going to do this'.

    how long after c25k did you do your first half? I would love to do one someday.

  3. I was kind of a procrastinator on my first half. I finished C25K in November 2009. At the 2010 Princess Half (I did the 5K) I decided that the 2011 Princess Half would be my first. I felt like I could have done one earlier, but I just want THAT race to be my first -- so it ended up being over a year. I'm glad it was my first though. It was amazing!

  4. turkey baster.....haaaaaaa

    I always walk water stations. Always. IMO it is just not that big a deal.

  5. I don't think a little extra walk through the water stations is going to matter. Take the walks there, too. Just be brief if they aren't at a planned spot in your intervals.

  6. Definitely walk the waterstations! You are less likely to choke. What kind of intervals are you doing? I was doing 3 to 1 pre-baby and got a lot of PRs that way. Good luck!

  7. I walk the water stations even if it's my run interval. As soon as I pass the last trashcan or I'm finished with my water, I will start running again. And because I'm special, I continue the run/walk like I never walked (instead of trying to figure out how much time I spent walking when I should've been running) b/c that's too much math.

  8. You crack me up!!

    I walk through the aid stations regardless of where I am in an interval. I would choke if I tried to run and drink at the same time!!


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