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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm A Solo Runner, Dammit!

I've been running for two years now. If I wanted to I'd be able to tell you exactly how many times I've run with someone ... because it just never happens. You see, like Pee Wee, I'm a loner, Dottie ... A Rebel. I've always been independent. I live alone. I've gone to full-service restaurants alone. I don't mind going to see a movie on my own. Therefore I really enjoying running... On My Own. 

Running alone lets my imagination run wild. I daydream about crossing various finish lines. I visualize Steve Prefontaine on my shoulder telling me to suck it up and go faster. I pretend every single man I see is a serial killer and therefore I go faster to narrowly escape being the girl at the bottom of the well in his house. And when I'm not daydreaming I'm really into my music, occasionally singing along or whipping out some jazz hands at an opportune moment. I find so much freedom when I'm out there without someone next to me being held back by my less than speedy pace. The pressure isn't as strong when I am with myself (although sometimes the pressure is even more present because I am by myself and demanding the best performance possible).

For over a year I ran races nearly every month. Near the end of that first year I started meeting up with people at races, but still was 100% on my own when the gun went off. I was really in a zone and seeing my 5K times improve, culminating with my only first Age Group win.

And then February 2011 happened. To say I wasn't nervous about this new change would be a complete lie. For the first time EVER I was running with a partner .... and a grand partner she was! Lesley and I did the Princess Half Marathon together. It was so much fun! I never felt like I was holding her back, but come on - we know she could run circles around me. But I never FELT like I was an inconvenience, so that was awesome! Had she not been with me that day I'm not sure how that race would have gone!

Coming off the high of that race I quickly found myself teamed up to run the 5K and Half marathon in Disneyland with Rose! She promised me that she would stay by my side the whole time and we'd have no pressure of time goals. Just running for fun! Well things got even MORE fun when we were blessed with the company of one miss Giraffy! And thus, Team Jam was born! Epic fun is what was had. Fun that was too dirty to talk about, so I can't. Not a day has gone by since then that I haven't talked to or about Team Jam!

In true Fruit Fly I fashion quickly found myself attached to another duo for the WDW Half Marathon in January. I'll be with Abby for the 5K and the Half, as well as her fabulous friend Fred. Then on day 3 of running Fred will ditch us as he goes for his Goofy medal and the ladies get their marathon relay medals. For the first time ever I'll be part of a relay, with my BFF Brian, and have to actually TRY to do well. He submitted 89 minutes as his prior finishing time for his corral placement, and I don't want to let him down too much. 

When did I become such a freaking team player?? Heck Biker Boy and I did Warrior Dash and stayed together the entire time, too! And we didn't kill each other. Yay!

If you've missed the memo, press release, blog posts and Twitter conversations, there's going to be a HUGE blogger party happening in Seattle next year for the RnR Marathon (where I will be a weenie and run 13.1 miles instead of 26.2). Team Jam WILL reunite! Lesley and I WILL reunite! Will Abby and Fred make it?? It is where we all met after all, so I think they should go, too. Plus Becka will be there. Anyone else?? Go ahead, toss your name in the pile. You know you want to do it, Kim.

In the mean time I'm going to keep running solo, with Biker Boy by my side on Sunday's long runs. He and I are going to change up how we do things so that I don't mentally feel like a failure when he outruns me every time. Poor boy is pretty much going to be trying out the whole Galloway method whether he wants to or not. But if it helps me stay sane then he might prefer that anyway! Trust me, BB could share one too many stories of neurotic R*nda on running days!



  1. Unspeakable epicness.

    Is Rose in for Seattle?!?

    I do a Galloway type method for ALL of my long runs, and I love it.

  2. About Rose ... yeah, I sort of officially made her in.

    She's heading to Arizona, so you know, is she going to log in while driving and come argue that she isn't? Ha, No! We NEED our reunion!!

  3. Seattle RNR? I'm about 90% in. I'm having mommy guilt because I KNOW I'll be missing a basketball tournament for A. Oh well, she and I have 9 months to get over it.

  4. I thought I was a solo runner when I joined TNT, until I started running with Anna. Now I will run alone if I have to (which I have for the past month b/c she's in Cali) but having someone to talk to is a lot of fun. Now, I think I'm pretty versatile. I don't like running with more than 3 people though.

    There's less pressure to beat yourself up mentally when someone is telling you a story. And I've gotten so into a story, 9 miles happened so quick.

    Anyway, we will try to make another cross country appearance. I will definitely be in Portland, though.

  5. It can be both. You can be a loner (love the Pee Wee reference) AND a running buddy. They can co-exist in harmony. Sometimes we need someone, sometimes we dont. Keep running strong!

  6. Heyyyy! I had to get a new blog... this is Jenna...

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  8. Okay, let me try this again! :) I want to play! I've been thinking about Seattle RnR for next year. So count me in! Although I'll be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind you.

  9. I'm thinking about Seattle, but not if I'm going to attempt Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, which is the week before. Still waffling on whether Twin Cities or Grandma's will be my first marathon.

    I've been away from bloggy land for a while. Congrats on the Warrior Dash! Looks like you and BB had a great time!


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