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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy 2 Year Runniversary to ME!

Two years ago it was a mere whim. I tend to get whims and follow them often, but the fact that two years later I am still into it and have no plans of ending this whim is pretty astonishing to me! If you haven't seen any recap type post before, basically I couldn't run around the block without stopping. So on September 13, 2009 I put on my blue Nike Air shoes (which are now soaked in Warrior Dash mud!), a cotton t-shirt and some shorts, grabbed my iPod and went out the door on my first Couch to 5K run. The rest, they say, is history!

So how about a little link/photo fest look back at my races over the last two years - since I pretty much started racing right away! (I wonder if I can even remember these without cheating??)

First up in December 2009, the Beaver 5K fun run in Corvallis, Oregon. My first ever race, and it was just a week after getting over the Swine Flu. My mom cried when she saw me running. That finish line was more amazing than any other. I did it!!

Next I took myself to Florida for the 2010 Royal Family Princess and the Frog 5K. My first time EVER running 3.1 miles without stopping or walking!

My first trail race was next, in Eugene, Oregon. The race bug REALLY hit me here, at the Lucky Clover 5K.

Eugene Marathon weekend was soon to follow, but I just did the 5K ~ and set a PR for myself that would hold for months!

The Ridgeline Ramble 10K trail race seriously kicked my ass! I had hip bursitis and had never run 6.2 miles before, but I did it and beat 2 other people. Go me!

The Great Urban Race was my first time to just goof off - yet still work as hard as I could. If you haven't done a Great Urban Race yet, find one and DO IT!

In July 2010 I set my 10K PR at the Butte to Butte, also in Eugene, Oregon. It was so hot. I felt like a salty French fry by the end, but I loved it!

There was sucking in epic proportions at the Skirt Chaser 5K. I was on track for a PR and then it all went crashing downhill FAST! My first time throwing up at the finish line! I did end up on stage with the founder of Skirt Sports, so that was pretty freaking awesome!

It was just a year ago that I was at my first Prefontaine Memorial 10K. My first time running a totally hilly course, my first time running in Coos Bay, my first time running on a track. It was a wonderful experience!

Ever run in costume? Well I finally did last October at the Monster Mash 5K. I was "Malice in Horrorland" and so happy when I crossed the finish line and set a new PR for myself. PLUS it was the best finish line photo I've ever had!

Due to blogger peer pressure, in November 2010 I ran the EWEB Run to Stay Warm 5K -- and THAT race holds my current PR. Apparently while sick I can still pull off amazing feats! And the bonus on that was having my first bloggy meet up!

December was the month that gave me a bit of confidence in myself. It was at the Jingle Bells Run (5K) that I shocked myself. I STILL can't believe it. I, little ol' RR, little FruitFly, the girl that would rather dance and lay on benches during a race versus run the whole thing .... I got FIRST PLACE in my age group!! Holy cow!

New Year's Eve was the last time I actually "raced" a 5K. It was the First Run at midnight! I did really well, but slippery conditions and crowded pathways kind of held me back.

February of this year was quite a month! First up was the Beauty and the Beast Royal Family 5K. I walked this one with my mom and friend. It was a total blast, and also another chance to meet some awesome blogger friends!

(How long IS this going to be?)  It all changed for me that early February morning at 2am when my alarm went off. I was up and ready for my first ever half marathon - Disney's Princess Half. OMG, what a fabulous race day with the most awesome, supportive race partner EVER!

I didn't pause long at all. In March I was in my first 15K in Portland, Oregon.... the Shamrock 15K Challenge. Challenge is right! Did you see that elevation chart in that post??

The inaugural Corvallis Half Marathon was this last April. My iPod had NO music on it. I ran alone. I got sick mid-run. And then I totally puked my guts out at the finish. I'd totally do it again!

If you were ever going to read a race report of mine, the Eugene Half Marathon might be the one to read. It isn't totally full of silly pictures. This is my PR race. I put everything I had into it. It was just 13.1 miles of me and Pre!

A week after that I did the Hippie Chick Quarter marathon, and realized I had terrible IT band pain that would last for a month and a half.

Injured or not, nothing was stopping me from doing the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. So much fun!!

The fun ended at the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon. Pure hell. I won't do this one ever again. They promised scenic. They lied.

(We're almost done!) .... the Star Tours 5K was next. Silliness, Disneyland, singing, jazz hands. My kind of race to just walk and enjoy!

The most epic of rad times .... my 6th round of 13.1 miles .... the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Last on the list -- Warrior Dash. That recap is soon to come!

That gets us to:
6 Half Marathons
1 15K
3 10Ks
1 Warrior Dash
1 Great Urban Race, and
11 5K races.

I'm not slowing down, either!

This was way long. SORRY!!


  1. happy runniversary!!!!! i will always remember malice in horrorland!

  2. What a great running career you've had in just two years! Good job, girl!

  3. simply awesome and inspiring. I think anyone that ever says 'running isn't fun' needs to read you recaps

  4. I can't believe its only been 2 years! You're such a RUNNER! Its hard to imagine you not running all over the place :) Happy runniversary!

  5. Fun, fun, fun. So glad you gave in to peer pressure so we could meet at EWEB!

  6. Hey Cutie Pie Fly, you have more costumes than my kinder kids have in our dress up box, LOVE IT!
    You have done SO much in two short years, you should be celebrating for sure! You ARE an athlete and having a blast, so fun!

  7. love this post!!!
    happy 2nd year!!!!

  8. You my dear are an inspiration....oh an I love how your running attire gets more fashionable with each race! I'm thinking I should try c25K again....hmmmm!

  9. You have kicked some serious ass over the last two years.

  10. And who take that most fantabulous finish line photo?

  11. Happy anniversary! You always look so great in your race pictures!!

  12. Runniversary!! I love it!! It is crazy to think you've only been running 2 years! What a great list of races.

  13. Congrats lady!!

    What an amazing running portfolio!

  14. HAPPY RUNNIVERSARY!!! Look how far you have come! :)


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