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Friday, September 9, 2011

Disneyland Star Tours 5K

Rose and I had such a great time! We wore costumes (lizard and dino) and rocked the course. We were so popular, even Mickey Mouse asked to get his photo with us!

Okay, that's how this was supposed to go. But you know, things happen. Sometimes Rose eats calamari and gets sick and can't be a reptile with me. Total bummer. I had to read that text a few times and hope it was a joke, but sadly, Rose couldn't make it. She suggested Biker Boy fill her shoes - and he did. We goofed off for 3.1 miles in honor of my dear partner, Rose!

Thank goodness I packed a running outfit to wear the day after the half. I thought I might want to be comfy. As it turns out, I needed that outfit after all! 'Rosie', as Giraffy's kids nicknamed Biker Boy, and I immediately ran into Becka, A, Giraffy, #1 and #2. All of these runners, and we just kept bumping into our friends without even trying!  Once in the start area we saw Dave (photo to the left, with Becka and A) - you all probably know him already, right? Or you at least saw him at a race? I've been seeing him on blogs for quite a while now and I'm pretty sure I saw him in the start area of the Seattle Rock'n'Roll 1/2! I felt like I was meeting a celebrity! So photos galore happened, and soon we were off! (Let's have photos first, shall we?)

Great okay, welcome back! So let's "run"!  The course was a total blast. Biker Boy didn't like to hustle, so we didn't keep the 16 minute mile minimum pace AT ALL. But we never got swept, so that's good. Heck, I'd have made him run if the sweeper came up behind us! The course - it was all in the parks and backstage. Never a dull moment. If you were looking to PR, this was NOT the course for you. Many times if we had wanted to run it wouldn't be possible. The course got narrow and the amount of people was just so great that it was congested and slow. However, seeing as this was just a fun run and something I only intended to walk, I didn't mind the crowd. I was happy to see backstage at Disneyland more. I've been back there once before, and all over backstage of the Magic Kingdom daily for a long time, but seeing new areas was really cool!

There weren't many characters out - compared to the Royal Family 5K during the Princess Half weekend. We didn't stop at any, just took some fly-by photos. Oh yeah, I stalked #1 (Giraffy's oldest). She is pretty rad and cracked me up. Coming up by her in Toon Town, she looked at us, pretended to be almost horrified or scared and says, "I don't know you!" and took off running. Loved it! Between Disneyland and California Adventure we saw Giraffy cheering everyone one, and then the RunningSkirts twins! (Those gals are T-I-N-Y!)

This was my first time ever in Disney's California Adventure, so I was really soaking it all in. It felt so foreign, yet so familiar since the Tower of Terror was right there.

Highlights for me would be:

Getting a bunch of maintenance(?) cast members to give us some Jazz Hands:

Dancing and doing high kicks to the Prince Ali song from Aladdin.
(I didn't have any "high kicks" pictures, so here is one backstage)
Finding a nice bench to rest on in Frontierland:

Harassing #1:

Skipping with Biker Boy, er, "Rosie" on our way to the finish:

Getting my bling!:

It was a really fun time. I wish that the real Rose could have been there, too, but that's the way calamari happens some times.

After the race we had a big bloggy breakfast in Downtown Disney. Thank goodness for kid's menus! I think there were five orders of children's French toast at that table, and I know they didn't all go to kids! Rad Runner was able to meet us for breakfast. She's ... RAD!  The morning was really fun, and Becka's little A loved "Rose" so much that she insisted we all spend the day together. So we did! Disneyland with runners and little girls = a very fun time indeed!  As if that wasn't enough, we all walked over to the Cheesecake Factory for the bloggy dinner. AND I finally met Rose! I believe I saw her, broke into a sprint and then attacked her with a big, sweaty hug. Dinner was a lot of fun. Mostly I just talked with "Rose" and Rose since we were at one end together. I think I am going to move in with her. She's just the coolest thing since goatse.  Oh F*!$. I didn't just say that. Don't google it. If you did, just remember I said not to. And if you did and you were appalled .... good thing you weren't at the half marathon with us! ;)


  1. This reminds me that I did NOT get a finisher picture from the 5K. Damn you, Brightroom. DAMN. YOU.

  2. Looks like fun! Nice bling too :)

  3. I am never eating stupid squid before a race again. That looks like so much fun.


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