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Monday, October 5, 2015

16 Weeks: Spoiling the Bump

September 5, 2015  It was a pretty quiet week, pregnancy wise.  Physically I was still feeling the usual plopping. Yeah, my little stinker in there seems to have fun floating and around being quiet, then suddenly plops on my bladder and makes me feel everything is going to fall right out of me. It is pretty usual though, so I don't mind. It's quite fun to know that this little baby is busy moving around in me. Fun and really strange at the same time!

Shopping took up most of my time I think. We now have the stroller in our house, all put together and even let the oldest cat test it out! The adapter arrived with it, so now we are just waiting for the matching car seat to arrive in the next couple of days!

The crib has arrived, so my mom and I will be heading up to pick it up and perhaps do some more registering! I just love that little wand. I really don't expect people to shop from the registry since shockingly I am quite a recluse, but it still is fun to create a little wish list that I keep shopping off of.

Oh yeah, my mom joined in shopping and bought 2 car seat bases off the registry - one for my original car and one for hers. Must be tough to not even be born yet, and the family is all fighting over who gets to spend more time with you!

On one of my pregnancy apps I saw talk of baby monitors. We already have a normal old school sound one from when we had family living hear and wanted to be able to communicate between upstairs and downstairs.  I had thought this was all we would use. I was shocked to even learn that they have video monitors now. Why that shocked me, I have no idea! Well the next thing I know, after seeing a Costco advertisement for inexpensive video monitors, Man Friend was online looking at options. Any day now our monitor with 2 cameras will arrive. We will even be able to record video and take photos of the little one when it is alone doing whatever it might want to do in its crib!

What else? Man Friend helped me find some more maternity tops, which means I am officially set for our Babymoon to Disneyland next week! Yay!!! And my maternity clothes I ordered online finally arrived. It's just non-stop arrival of new things, all pertaining to one avocado sized person!

Something very unexpected and sweet happened! Our baby got its very first gift from some awesome friends! Seeing as he/she will be arriving in February, these little slippers will come in handy to keep some perfect little feet nice and warm! Thanks, friends! I love them!!!

And lastly I shall share the award for the week's "Hello, Captain Obvious" statement/question!
"Oh that's cute, is it new?"       ..... dumbfounded but trying to conceal my actual thoughts, I could only reply .....  "I am pregnant.  Old clothes do not fit."
But this makes me wonder, WHY?? Why do people insist on asking if you are wearing new clothes or got a new purse or stating that you are in something new or that you match someone else? Get over it and buy yourself new clothes if seeing me in something new irks you. And stop making me want to reply with a dry "No shit" response. Rant done.

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