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Saturday, October 10, 2015

21 Weeks: The Nursery is Getting Life

And here it is, my first posting of this baby roller coaster that is actually posted when I wrote it and not weeks or some times months later!  And I have NO idea what to even write. This could be short.

The week in baby news was overshadowed by life and how I've been observing the absolute worst in people. Here we are, barely a week out from such a terrible incident at the local community college, and our work ended up having an armed police officer on site for an entire day, phones had to be forwarded with all calls screened for threats, and we couldn't even go to work one day because of said threats. Really?? All over the US, people filled with hate are calling and yelling .... all because you are mad that one man is coming here to spend some time with the immediate families of people innocently murdered while trying to further their education? I still just feel like I really don't like people. And there are some that might even read this some day that I will say are toeing a very fine line with me. I don't have room for hate in my life and I don't care to see people spewing hate. So it's been a week of almost being a hermit and avoiding all media - news and social. I can only hope that we can start going back to "normal" - whatever "normal" is anymore. Heck, as I type this my best friend is at a memorial for his friend that lost his life at UCC. Apparently to a large group of people those lives don't matter, and this is just an excuse to spew their ignorance and basically make our town look incredibly uneducated. It's so embarrassing.

BUT, while all of this chaos has been going on, I've been loving being pregnant. This little girl reminds me that there ARE happy things in life happening and each little movement she makes brings a smile to my face. At home there are many smiles ... once I sit down and kick up my feet to relax she always wakes up and shows off how big she's getting and that those little legs and arms know how to wiggle. Happened again - do you feel that? No? Oh, well I did!

Symptom wise, this week has almost felt at moments like I'm back in the first trimester again. That nausea I didn't have for a while came back, but only mildly. The biggest change has been that I've needed naps again. I tried fighting it, but gave in and really even an hour in my bed helps a ton. My Meniere's Disease was still kicking up it's whole thing, too, which probably added to my need for a nap. I'm sure that's all coming from the added stress this week and strange weather changes.

On Thursday Man Friend and I went up to Eugene to pick up our little girls changing table and dresser. We were smart and took Grandpa's truck this time, no way would this fit in the new mom Jeep! It's entirely possible I gave in and created her some adorable outfits for next fall and winter. That little red and black fleece jacket that screams of Canada? Yeah, she has it now - and even some red pajamas with moose all over them. I guess I better get her a passport so we can take her to my favorite place!

And her nursery is really coming together. The ceiling is officially done with fresh paint and a new fan/light. Check this out - the light is totally for a little girl... it was $105 at Lowe's but on clearance for $62.50. It had a minor blemish that we knew we could easily fix. They dropped the price to $40 for us. What?!?! We couldn't possibly pass that up! Today her walls are getting at least one of the colors put on. She has a room of 3 fun colors because we can. Perhaps next week I will share some before and after photos.

I cannot wait to meet her!!!!

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  1. The minute you see that little are going to fall in love all over again...I absolutely promise!


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