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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

18 Weeks: Loving The Flutter

September 19, 2016   This week has been probably the most fun! Those moments I imagine all pregnant women look forward to have finally started to happen on a more regular basis.  And that is the flutter of the baby inside of me!

It was 4am on Sunday morning in Anaheim, California. The fire alarm in our hotel was going off. It was soooo loud and echoing in the breezeway outside. Man Friend and I jumped up and I immediately opened the curtain to see if I could see flames or smoke. I wanted to know what to expect and figure out if it was safe to go outside, or which way I should exit (we had a large patio door in addition to the standard door). Nothing looked suspicious so I approached the main door and slowly opened it. I stepped outside and saw other guests all looking as sleepy as I did. It was then I realized that Tara was still asleep on the floor. I went back in to slide on my shoes and get ready to evacuate just like we always rehearsed in grade school. Man Friend said, "Well we can't just leave her here!" and we laughed. I said, "Okay, this preggo girl has to pee, then I'll wake her up." About the time I flushed the alarm went off and everyone retreated to their rooms. We never did hear any fire truck response or anything at all. And now I can safely say that Tara sleeps more sound than a baby. Why do I know this? Because at 4:15am we were back in bed and all the kicking started. Clearly that insane alarm woke it up and it was letting us know. It was just so precious, I was completely in love!

On the airplane home I had more kicks, and it tickled so much I think I woke Man Friend up from his dozing off with my giggles. Love love love!! Man Friend was sleeping with his hand on my belly during vacation and he did say that I was completely out of it, but he was pretty sure he felt things happening in there. I wouldn't doubt it. Apparently our little one likes Disneyland too and was very busy the whole week!

A highlight for us on our Babymoon was having breakfast on Main Street with Minnie and Friends. There were so many characters we were hardly able to even eat our food. I admit mine was cold by the time I ate it, but I didn't even care. It was so much fun! All the characters took time to say hi to the baby, even Captain Hook! But who took the baby love one step further??? Rafiki!! You know how in the Lion King he holds baby Simba up in the air?? Yeah, he acted that out for us. Priceless!!!  It was also at this breakfast we were able to get our first full family photo with all three of us in it!

By the time we got home I had a new carry-on, that I promised I would use for the baby, filled with all things baby. On our last vacation night I had to go to the Emporium and buy even more clothes, like the absolutely cutest hoodie ever complete with Mickey ears!!! At home I filled the crib with all of the new toys and the closet is filing up rapidly with all of the souvenir bibs, shirts, hoodies and onesies! I can't get enough of the spoiling!

And the last big thing for the week was the first race I've done while pregnant. I didn't know how it would go, but it was great. I walked quickly, slowed down when I felt things pushing a little harder than I intended, and then ran the last near quarter of a mile to the finish, with that baby bump proudly on display!

It was a great week!!

Next week I got to the doctor and possibly learn what exactly I have created in there. Boy? Girl?? I don't even care! I'm just too happy to even have a preference!

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