To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Run 1.15/Run 1.16 - Yay. Nay. Good. So-so.

Tuesday night, after having Monday off, I had another run with Man Friend. We were meeting at my house after work to go for 4 easy miles. Cue the torrential downpour and crazy wind. Walking from my mom's car to my door (we carpool most days) my feet were soaked. My motivation to run was washed down the street. Man Friend arrived and before he got to the door I was already trying to get out of running. So we ended up having a delicious dinner at Red Robin (I freaking love their grilled cheese!!) and by the time we finished eating the weather cleared. Woohoo! We zigged and zagged our way through my neighborhood for 4 dark miles. It felt really good. After we were done we both said we had another mile left in us. As usual I worked on a nice finishing kick .... this time I got sub-8!! In races I've gotten low 6's before, but I chalk that up to seeing a time clock in front of me and pure adrenaline!

Wednesday night we had 5 miles on my calendar. (I'm doing the beginner's marathon training program, if you were ever at all curious.) Since Man Friend registered for the Prefontaine Memorial 10K yesterday I figured if he's going to run with me we better start working in hills to prepare for that race. I plotted out a 5 mile route for us through my usual park and disc golf area. For this run we went DOWN the hills - mostly to see how I liked the route and just have an easy 5. Next time I have 5 miles we'll go in reverse and run UP the hills. This run wasn't my best. I had stretched before I went, but I still had to stop a mile in to fix my tight calves. I did end up with 2 short walk breaks. I realized this run was very humid, much warmer than the last and I was dehydrated. Lessons learned .... again. The finish of it felt good though. I guess I just had to loosen up a bit first to get into my groove.

So that's that.16 runs done. 16 weeks to go.


  1. Look at you and your speedy nighttime running!

  2. Aha! now I need to look up your marathon training plan. I have looked at several shorter distance training plans on and they look pretty solid.
    Nice run with the man friend! I THINK I know where you went...maybe. If it was in the burg.
    Looking forward to the Prefontaine again :) !

    1. I'm sure you know my route - not many to choose from down here after all! At least it always stays pretty to me, even if it is the same thing every day!

  3. Good job! Aren't you a fast little thing?

  4. AnonymousJune 08, 2012

    Go you! And haven't we been having crazy weather? A monsoon one minute and then sunshine the next.

    1. YES!! Today I went out and it was hot -- I seriously half expected snow at any second!

  5. Is man friend the official name?


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