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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Story of Peni...

*Disclaimer: I typed this blog as a "note" to myself in my phone while walking and drinking at the golf course. So yeah....*

I was in a sea of peni at the golf course when I realized I should share the story. The story is of a 10th grade wellness class and the teacher that loved the word penis. FYI, peni is my new plural form of the p word that I can't actually say (and I'd like you pronounce it as pee-neye). 33 years old and it still hasn't escaped my lips.... That's what she said!

Back in the mid 90's my friend Sara and I came up with ways to entertain ourselves when we had already finished our assignments. Lifelong friends to this very day, we had no fear of what to do to kill time.

We noticed our teacher LOVED to say penis. A LOT. Not only did we have some tally marks going keeping track of how many times she said the dreaded p word, but we also started a game of Hang Man.

Our teacher noticed we were done with our assignment and giggling while deeply involved with something. She wandered over and saw we were deeply involved with Hang Man. "oh, let me play!" she said. She looks at our puzzle and quickly solves it....

"Mrs. Eaton says "penis" a lot."

Our secret was out! Fast forward a decade. I was a member of the country club and there all the time. Ever since, when I am least expecting it, my former teacher will sneak up behind me at the fancy dinners just to whisper "penis" in my ear!

And so this is how it came to be that at dinner Thursday night my teacher said "Penis Penis Penis Penis" in my ear!! She's pretty awesome!


  1. It's super appropriate that her last name was Eaton.

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2012

    LOL!! Thanks - I needed a laugh!

  3. I just snorted. Great story. Gotta love a teacher with a sense of humor. Btw, I send myself text messages when I want to remember stuff. Lol!

    1. I freaking LOVE that you snorted!!!!


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