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Monday, June 18, 2012

Run 1.23 - I Feel Like I Could Pee Myself...

This is a mix of running & golfing. Saturday morning "we" (i.e. my step-dad and uncle) had a 7:30am tee time. Naturally this meant I would not be running 3 miles before the tournament started. I was actually fine with that. I mean I had 5 miles on the golf course Saturday and 5 more on Sunday, plus the big run on Sunday. So those 3 miles were tossed aside with no ill feelings about it. The weather was just beautiful! Man Friend joined my mom and I all weekend and had his little introduction to Country Club dress codes, endless pizza, free booze, and then my family added in to top it all off! On Saturday we behaved ourselves, to a point ... only 2 rum & Cokes for each of us and one margarita.... plus pizza and Pepsi and water. Hey - we DID try to hydrate, I mean we had 10 miles in store. After the first day of golfing there is a big steak dinner. I decided to just skip it in lieu of sleeping. Turns out my mom and step-dad skipped it, too!

Hydrating ... with rum.
Nice Sweat!
So then comes Sunday! Before the final round of golf Man Friend and I were up and doing a nice 10 mile run. This was his first double digit run - with his prior longest distance being last weekend's 8 miles. Getting up wasn't as easy as one would hope, but hey, it's the Abby's Golf Tournament weekend. This event is infamous - so the fact that we got up at all was impressive! Lathered in sunblock, equipped with water, and donning hats to block the sun and soak up sweat, we were out the door. Only a mile in and we were both dripping. It was so humid, it felt like I was in Florida again. We maintained a nice, easy pace throughout the entire run. Most of the 10 miles was spent talking about the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. Seeing as this is MF's first race ever I wanted to answer any questions he had about how races work and what the race instructions mean when they talk about certain things. I LOVED the conversation. This was right up my alley! We ran 5 miles out, turned, came 5 miles back. It is a pretty nice path to follow, but there is a stretch of maybe half a mile that just kills my leg. The path is slanted so you can't run it without feeling all jacked up. Ugh. When we were down to less than 2 miles it is possible I got a little excited and sped up. MF did a great job of keeping up with me. At the last mile we split up. I could always see him if I turned my head, but we both decided to just finish it out at our own pace, and finished within seconds of each other in the end! I was pretty proud of him for embarking on this crazy running adventure and never complaining about anything!

Immediately I showered, threw on clothes and we were back at the Country Club. I pretty much downed a lot of water. Had a few cups of Pepsi. "Only" drank 2.5 margaritas. And then the pizza ... I ate my weight in it. Finally I was about to explode. I was sitting on the grass in the shade while everyone else was on a ball search. Lacking no motivation I actually said, "I feel like I could pee myself and I'd be happy." I just really had to go! But I held it. The day was spent shoveling things into my body, and possibly rolling down the hill. OMG it was soooo fun!! I haven't rolled down a hill like that in decades. I need to start doing it some more.

And now I leave you with this picture. I posed the question to people on FB - but the answer will never be shared there ... I don't think. But my blog is fair game. So ... what do you think these three people are doing?? If someone guesses correctly I just might have to give you a prize!

Up next ... a story of many "peni".


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