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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No IFs, ANDs or ......

I just read it is impossible to hum while your nose is plugged.
Dude - try it. I admit I totally did. Go ahead, try. I'll wait ....................
So?? How'd it go? Weird, right?!?

Today was a first. In swim class I couldn't even make it through the warm up before having a bad vertigo problem. I grabbed the side of the pool. Didn't help. Ended up actually getting out of the water all the way and sitting for a bit, grabbed a drink of water, then joined the class. We had good ab work today. And I spent A LOT of time staring intently at the blue pool net. I had to get a fixed point to focus on. Once I had that I felt a bit better.

On the radio they were talking about facial hair and how they dislike kissing guys that have it. It isn't much of a secret, i.e. no secret at all, that I am not a fan of facial hair. I totally agreed with what the ladies on the radio said. I was certainly spoiled in Disney World. The years I worked there facial hair was not tolerated at all. If a guy showed up with even a hint of stubble he would be sent to the bathroom with a cheap disposable razor and told to shave. True. I saw it with my own eyes! So yeah, it was nice being in the world of hairless faces!

I procrastinated again. I'm so good at it. I did throw my clothes in the suitcase. Tonight I will just iron and make sure everything is nicely packed. Camera batteries are charging right now. Cookies will be baked tonight. Make-up will be packed Thursday at lunch. Race day things are all ready to go, with the exception of my Garmin and iPod. I had visions of a couple miles tonight. Given this morning and how I am currently spinning in circles, that might not happen. But I feel ready! And even with the crazy Meniere's nonsense happening, I am really excited for the race itself!

Yesterday I scored on a hotel room. I got a room right by the Portland Airport with a free 24 hour airport shuttle and free parking for only $77! Hooray for 25% off sales on Orbitz. Plus I have a restaurant and sports bar to keep me entertained before I try to sleep. This is for the Walt Disney World trip in January, FYI. I haven't gone into planning overdrive on that yet since I have this weekend to survive first.

Ooh!! Did anyone watch New Girl last night? Did you hear them "try" to play Eye of the Tiger on the bells??? Go Team Jam! I must say, I think Team Jam performed it much better in our crazy-we've-been-goofing-off-for-13-miles-and-3.5-hours-let's-sing-through-the-finish-line state! Speaking of ... Happy Birthday, Rose!

Sorry I'm such a downer lately. I really don't mean to be and I feel like I'm trying my best to keep my spirits high. It just gets really frustrating when you see that Meniere's is a lifelong thing and the only way to make it better is pretty much by experimenting to see what helps you. It is different for everybody that has it. These days I can't find something to make it better. But dang it, I just keep moving and plugging along on things. I have no choice really. Being home in bed all day gets boring.

This weekend is the annual Christmas Fair. I am so bummed that I'm missing it. My mom and I always go together. We usually just buy something from the booth that supports Saving Grace, the animal shelter that Lady lived in before coming home with me. The fair is full of crafty thing that women with too much time on their hands make. I always tell my mom not to buy stuff because we could just make it ourselves. She rolls her eyes at me ... but, um, we can make headbands now! And we made tiara/veils. And! AND!! You don't know this ... we did her fancy counter top in the kitchen. Everybody loves it and is shocked when we tell them it is our creation! I have my crafty moments!

I REALLY miss running. A LOT. Never thought I'd say that.

That's all for now. Have a lovely day!
The Riviera. Las Vegas, Nevada. The 90s. I was so skinny and cute. What the hell happened?!?


  1. Thats funny on the radio talk on no facial hair. I think it's just about as much effort to keep a nice beard/goatee looking nice as it is to shave. But with my short, flat jaw line I like to have some facial growth to give some depth to my face. Crap, I just sounded like some totally metro sexual idiot from the 90s....

  2. Have a fabulous time in Vegas and please have a drink or 10 for me.

  3. I happen to LIKE my facial hair. And, I would look like I was about 28 if I shaved, and at my age getting carded is annoying enough.

  4. I guess I'll have to do facial hair assessments next time I see all of you boys in person! ;)

  5. I have a picture somewhere of me standing with those ass statues. Oh, Vegas.

    I looooooooooove facial hair on dudes. I'm a freak.

    Also: thank you.

  6. Rose - your brother has the most facial hair EVER!! That was impressive growth for 8 months, if I read that right.

    Nat - I might hit ya up in January!

  7. One of the last times I was in Vegas i stayed at the Riviera. The butts always cracked me up. I did not do a pictuer though. Have a fun trip!

  8. Cheer up girl....your heading to Vegas!! You have people who are super jealous (me), and once you drink a few million shots well you will feel awesome!!!! I do hope you feel better though. And I'm loving those butts. If I EVER get to Vegas I will have that pic

  9. I admire your spirit and your strenght. You are not a downer..I Think you are dealing with this whole Meniere CRAP with as good of an attitude as can be.

    I did try the hum...yeah does not work...but it unplugged my ears!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun in VEGAS!!!!!
    CHEERS TO YOU!!!!!!!!


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