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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Run 1.30/1.31/1.32 - This is FUN!

This whole running/marathon training thing is getting so fun!

Sunday: Long run. Planned 5 miles. Reality was 2 miles. The first two were AWESOME! I felt no pain. I was floating. I couldn't feel my body at all, actually. And then I realized Wait, this is awesome, but something funky is happening. Yeah - I ended up sitting in the shade under a tree by the golf course having a sudden, unexpected Meniere's attack. This was Man Friend's first time experiencing this, and what sucky timing it was. We ended up walking back to my house with a plan to finish the other 3 miles later. Sadly I was just never able to do it. Oh well - I mean it was just a 5 miler, not like this upcoming weekend's 15 mile run!

I decided to be patriotic for once!
Tuesday: Speed work! I freaking loved it! We drove down to the high school, parked, crossed over to the path and then began. Half a mile of very slow jogging to warm up. 1 mile at 5K/10K pace. Lather, rinse, repeat for 3 miles of speed work with the half mile recovery intervals. For a grand total of 5 miles, I did it! I DID have another Meniere's attack during my 2nd slow jog time but was able to just focus and get through it. It was a blast! We rewarded ourselves with pizza. You can never go wrong with pizza, right?

Wednesday: Happy holiday! Everybody in the world raced. I did not. I wanted to, but the race that I would have done was in Eugene and covers part of the Eugene Half Marathon course that always does a number on my leg and IT band. So I skipped it. Instead I ran my scheduled 3 miles. I went through the park and the VA complex - where they were having a classic car show. It was nice to have a little something to mix it up and give me something to look at. We deliberately ran it slower than normal and it felt great!  *Psst -- Giraffy, Rose, check out what I wore. Look familiar?? Hopefully I wear it better than the lady we saw wearing it in Disneyland!

Up next, 5 miles tonight. 3 miles on Saturday and then the big 15 miler on Sunday -- my first run longer than a half marathon ... although I think I hit 14 miles when I did the WDW Marathon relay since I had to actually run half a mile to even get to my official start line!

Did you all have a nice Fourth of July? I watched a completely trashed mom being held up by her 10 year old son. She was covered in puke and apparently planning on driving them home. It was terrifying. A lot of drunk people. I was happy to get home in my cozy little cottage! 


  1. love the patriotic outfit. I did my 15 miler this past weekend- heat made it miserable, but i think you'll do fine.

    you are looking like a skinny minnie lately ;)

  2. Love the outfit!! And you can NEVER go wrong with pizza! :) Good luck with the 15 mile run!

    1. Now I'm craving pizza again!

  3. cute outfit!! ew on DrunkMom!

  4. Our 4th was great, we went to Eastern, WA for some sun. Then ate a lot of Jello Shots! LOL :) Felt like I was 21 again, until child kicked me at 2AM since we were sharing a bed.

  5. I really like your outfit!


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