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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mother Daughter Bonding IVF Style

February 8, 2015 Day 3 of my In Vitro Fertilization journey brought me out to the stores. Soon I begin giving myself injections twice a day. One of the side effects I was told about (and then read about and saw photos of) is bloating. Essentially the follicles in my ovaries that will be housing eggs are going to be swelling as the hormones do their thing. I'll be bloated and uncomfortable. I hear that some women even get bigger and very tender boobs. Photos that I saw last night had visible poofing that looked like a baby bump.  It seems almost unfair to have a women get a little baby pooch without even being pregnant and just hoping to be. Mentally these are things I am preparing for since this is going to be the emotional roller coaster stage.

SO .... to at least help keep my body comfortable, and to hide any pre-pregnancy bloating (which I am sooo going to be getting photos of) my mom and I had a girl date. For the first time since I was a young girl in school, we did serious clothes shopping! Our mission was comfortable for work, something that will help hide the bump, yet still seem like "me". I didn't want to look like some old grandma in loose clothes. 

For nearly four hours we were shopping. I didn't know that was possible in our little town with no stores. Seriously we went to the mall and even more businesses have closed. We had Macy's and Marshall to pick from. That's it. We covered those and then continued to work our way around town in a circle. What a strange experience to deliberately shop for bigger clothes that would still fit to look "normal". I pretty much left my mom in charge. I kept gravitating to the running clothes section, and that certainly is NOT going to cover a pooch!!

We had a lot of reminiscing today. About the old shopping trips as a grade school girl, about the time she had to tell me I'm becoming a woman and getting hips, about her mom going maternity shopping with her.  It was just so .... I don't even know! It was exciting to be shopping for preparation for a baby, but then bittersweet because we still don't even know if it will work and if I will get my baby. I tried to stay away from things like cribs and baby bags ... but the potential grandma didn't have the self control. We obviously didn't buy, but she DID look!

What we learned was, some things look much better on a body than on a hanger. We learned you can pretty much get away with trying on clothes at Fred Meyer without needing a dressing room. We learned that you probably need new Converse for when you're bloating and uncomfortable and experiencing a lot of emotions. Yes?!?

In the end I went home with 7 shirts, 6 skirts and 2 pairs of shoes. And a whole new set of nerves about how to merge these into my daily wardrobe NOW so it isn't out of the blue when I am at work in all these strangely loose clothes!
IVF Officially Begins!
Consultation &
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Shopping to hide a bump

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