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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Strangest Woohoo

March 1, 2015   Never in a woman's life does she try for years to have a baby, go to the bathroom, get signs of a period and yell a joyful "Woohoo!!" .... or at least that's what I always thought.... until this morning!

Man Friend could hear it, my mom got the replay over the phone after it happened, I texted it to my BFF, and now here I am blogging it. Yep, I am officially back on birth control pills. Who would have ever expected that to have a baby I would be on the pill? The simple explanation is they are keeping all of my follicles and eggs at the same level so that one won't just go and ovulate and do the regular monthly cycle. So here I am at the BIG step one. Tomorrow I get to call the nurse and let her know the exciting news, which means very soon I will get my protocol! This ball is officially in motion so let me say it again ...

*   *   *   *   *   *

So here's something I've noticed. I was looking into my insurance to verify that none of the prescriptions would be covered. I'm just gonna say insurance companies are dicks! Let's discuss why:

  1. They cover you out the ass for preventing birth. I got the birth control pills I just started for ZERO dollars. So much is listed as being covered if it will prevent you from creating another human being.
  2. They cover nothing with regarding to helping you create a life. 
  3. They call it "INfertility". When I got to OHSU I do not go to the INfertility Clinic. I go to the Fertility Clinic. Funny how just changing a word by two letters gives it such a negative sound. The insurance company sounds like a bunch of assholes labeling people as INfertile whereas at OHSU, a place filled with positive energy and people wanting to help, they say Fertility. Fertility sounds more optimistic. I always leave OHSU believing they will help me and not that we are lesser people because we need assistance.
  4. Side rant .... no, I won't do it ... but okay... **I censored it. Imagine it along the lines of having a good job with insurance and getting zero help from it while others keep having babies, have no insurance, and are able to get help.  

IVF Officially Begins!
Consultation &
Blood work
Shopping to hide First ultrasound
a bump
Learning shots!
Grandpa in the ERI told my boss!
RIP Jerome Kersey
Phone call from LoriFinancing begins

MARCH 2015
Day 24
Birth Control Pills

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