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Monday, August 31, 2015

Side Effects? Hell YES!

March 23, 2015  Holy beached whale, Batman. That's what I feel like. I am done with my first three days of injections now and side effects? Uh, yeah! Last night I really became aware of them and today they have only worsened. I say "worsened" but I am paying for this, and happily I am so far able to laugh with myself about it.

Last night I was watching Gimme Shelter on Netflix. Any time a baby was mentioned or shown... tears. Okay normal me would NOT have cried at a single thing in this movie. To top it off, the song for the credits is the song we are going to have played at Grandpa's memorial. Perfect. That actually came on when I had made my way downstairs to participate in, as my best friend declared it, Nesting! Oh sure it's too early, but that's sure how it felt and looked. 10 o'clock at night and I am moving and redecorating furniture, dusting, vacuuming and doing dishes? Uh, yeah. 

That brings me to today. I had to get picked up for work because the dizziness caused by the meds mixed with my Meniere's made it very clear I should NOT be driving a vehicle. My shots went just as smooth as can be and I thought maybe today would be normal as we were getting to work. The dizziness only increased; thank goodness for the cane! Then I realized that unlike normal days where I'm freezing, I was warm. It dawned on me that last night I had the house at 66 degrees yet I was sweating and debating turning on a fan. Well hello, body temperature issues!

I was able to cool off.... by washing my hands a thousand times today with my constant trips to the bathroom. Sure I was drinking a little more than normal, but the ratio of drinking to peeing was NOT equal. I'll probably have to go again before I finish typing this.

I had another point but forgot.... which reminds me of another point. I looked it up - and apparently women going through IVF do have their own form of pregnancy brain. And mine is working in full gear already! To top that off, I am beyond clumsy. My morning started with me jamming my foot into the side of my shower and hasn't changed much.

Oh, I remembered! The bloat. Oh my gosh, so I'm only 3 days in, with no idea how many days I will go making my ovarian follicles bigger, but already I am feeling mega bloated. My first two days were at home, so I was always keeping myself comfortable. Sitting upright at a work desk in a work chair, totally different story! I had to keep leaning back just to take some deep breaths and feel like I was stretching out a bit. It was easy to do since I was in the bathroom the whole time.

One moment that I was at my desk my mom came through searching out crackers. I offered up cracker sandwiches and granola bars. She was happy to take a granola bar. As she walked away I thought to myself, "how nice that I was able to share that with her and make her tummy feel better." First off, who has such sappy thoughts over a snack food? And second, who almost bursts out into tears over it??? Yeah, that was ME! Fortunately I caught myself and immediately had to laugh about that one.

And then the other body feelings.... I'm tired a lot. No biggie. The strange stuff is the weird sensations happening inside. There is tingling, followed by mild pelvic discomfort. It doesn't feel like cramps. I just feel it. It is a strange thing that I can't find the words to describe. But mostly I feel like a prize heifer; stick a ribbon on me and auction me off to a butcher!

With all of these crazy things going on inside of me, I HAD to tell somebody. As it stood up until last night, only my mom, dad, husband and BFF had to hear about this. So yesterday I told Tara (of Ragnar, Goofy and Dumbo Double Dare fame) what was going on. It's kind of fun to have a girl that's had a baby and not freaked out about IVF to talk to. Together we got to laugh at my crying over a damn granola bar. Seriously, I'm so mortified. This is just the start and already this is going on? Wooo. Get out your party hats, this could be a wild ride!

MARCH 2015
Official day 1!!!Phone call to OHSU Grandpa :(Prescriptions set!Protocol arrived
to get it started!in the mail
Birth Control PillsGot my protocol
Prescriptions arrive
Last birth control pillSuppression checkInjections begin
Status check #1

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