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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Run #8.4 - Of Course, Because It's Race Week

Procrastination is the name of my running game! I was so excited to go run - so naturally I didn't head out until 8:30pm. I'm so predictable. I've convinced myself that my always running in the dark will be great practice for the Las Vegas RnR Half in December and Wine & Dine next October.

The weather was such a nice change. I was in a skirt with capris, leg sleeves, my thicker socks and a long sleeved shirt. How nice! I totally mixed up my route this time, adding the gigantic movie theater parking lot to my list of acceptable running terrain. No traffic. Ample light. Smooth surface. Nice!

The plan for 5 miles had to be altered and I shorted it to 3. Why? Because my ankle started feeling funky and I realized I was running with a slight limp. I figured 2 miles taken off would be better than running those 2 miles and making anything worse. But really I'm not worried. It's race week. I always feel like I'm getting sick. I always feel like I'm working on an injury. Heck, in 2010 with only 12 hours before my second 10K I jammed my foot into the deck. Oh the cracking sound was horrible. I was immediately freaking out, in too much pain to talk, yet trying to communicate to my mom that I needed ice ASAP. Bloody toes and all, I still got out there, ran and set my current 10K PR! SO, basically feeling injured and having last minute freak outs is all normal for me!

Anyway, nothing fabulous with this run. Just regular 4:1 intervals - I'm still doing it for shorter runs so I can get used to listening to my Garmin's beeping and also so I can learn to accept that I'll be walking more than normal. However, I am still feeling great when I finish and running faster during those 4 minutes, and that is just fabulous! One strange thing on this run. My last tenth of a mile I was on a street where I think EVERYONE was doing the laundry. The air was filled with laundry soap and fabric softener smell. It was so powerful I could taste it. Nothing like a soapy mouth when you are pushing for your finishing kick. Yuck!

* * * * * 

In fun, still running related news.... this weekend when I find THE shirt I will have 1/3 of my WDW race outfits complete. Yay! Also hitting up stores to work on the other Disney outfits plus Vegas. I hate feeling uninspired. I've also begun brainstorming for my Seattle RnR outfit. I don't plan ahead AT ALL. Never....

That's all. I'm the definition of boring today. Let's add a random picture not associated with anything in this post.


  1. Nice job...I am with Rose the dinasour hat is you!

  2. Im glad Im not the only one who uses the word procrastination as a positive word :) Mine revolves around writing a blog, which Im going to do write after I post this comment... YOu are a race Maniac its so awesome! I love the unrelated picture you nonplanner planner! xo Rad

  3. 3 is def better than none or 5 with you limping all the way home!!

  4. Loving the random pic, its brilliant :-)

  5. I am so supposed to be running on that blasted dang treadmill right now.
    It is hunting season and I do not want to be mistaken for a deer and get shot! So, well, I guess I have procrastinated enough. I better go put on my shoes and clothes and go run.

  6. Blech...tide flavored running! Hope the ankle is doing OK..
    I like the non-related hat :)

  7. If I remember right the initial decision of 4:1 was I'm thinking it's time to mix in some 5:1 and 7;1 once a week :). Gotta keep upping the ante!!


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