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Sunday, October 2, 2011

See This? This is Me Freaking Out!

Okay - we have less than one year to go until the next Wine & Dine Half Marathon. (This is me being optimistic that they worked out some kinks, will have better be reviews and return for year 3.)  So now that we have less than a year to go, Giraffy and I have given ourselves total permission to start planning!

BUT that isn't what I'm panicking about.

How I used to dress in Florida on cold days.
Now that Wine & Dine is done that means the next Run Disney event is one I'll be at .... the BIG Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. OMG I can hardly type it without my heart jumping up in my throat a bit. Normally I'd just be really excited to be in Disney World, seeing my good friends, seeing other runners, getting some medals and having fun.

But I'm realizing that my life is about to switch into overdrive - starting once I hit publish and go out for my long run. I have the Portland Half Marathon a week from today. Then a little gap before the Runaway Pumpkin Half Marathon on Halloween Weekend. Two months from now I'll be in Las Vegas for the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. And then one month after that (which would be THREE months from now!) I'll be heading to Florida for WDW Marathon weekend.

Still why is this girl flipping out?? Because I thought it would be brilliant to do a 5K, a Half, and a Marathon Relay. The reality has just hit me. 3.1 + 13.1 + 13.1 = 29.3 racing miles. And the way I do it (with my character stops) we're talking closer to 30 miles in 3 days. FYI, I have never done 30 in a week, let alone in 3 days. Heck, there are many months I didn't get 30 in the month. What the hell was I thinking???

OMG, I am so excited, I can't wait!!

I need to figure out what to wear. Three outfits in January. Ay carumba! This could be my biggest race challenge yet - and I'm not even talking about the running!

No really, we used to bundle up a lot in WDW - add gloves, a hat and sweatshirt to this and that was my winter attire. I miss that coat. Isn't it hideously awesome? It felt like wear pajamas to work. And seriously -isn't my trainee there (Rodrigo, the hottie in the middle) absolutely perfect to look at? When I learned I was going to be training a Brazilian intern I described what I wanted .... and they hand delivered my exact specifications right to me (plus he smelled REALLY good)!


  1. You are crazy. CRAY. CRAY. But it's gonna be so much fun.

  2. You are the good kind of crazy. Keep pushing yourself like this and you're going to bust out a real, full marathon.

  3. yes, a good kind of crazy! :) Your so fun! Love your energy.

  4. You are one race machine.
    And I actually have a lot more to say, until I saw your hair in the last picture... So shiny. So silky. I forgot what I was gonna say. :)

    Nice hair!

  5. Wine and dine was fan-freaking- tastic! They took all of our suggestions from last year... RunDisney rocks!! I can't wait until next year. My friend and I were talking about the Princess half which she is coming down for and then I was like "Omg my next race here is the marathon, eek!"

  6. Don't freak out. Just don't think about it. I think that's my strategy. Which is probably going to bite me in the ass soon, but whatever.
    We got this.

  7. We DO have this, Abby!

    And I am already deciding which drinks I'll pass out from at Epcot after all 3 of them are done!

  8. ah, SO jealous of DisneyWorld! Not to sound too horribly Pollyanna, but on the plus side look at all the fun competitions you get to participate in! Being in a running competition desert (save for the Pre) I love to read about everyone's races since I have to head to Eugene or Corvallis or somewhere for one. Looking forward to your recaps :)

  9. Oh wow - definitely crazy! :) I know - picking out the costume can be the hardest part!!

  10. I am with amanda, you may not have a lot of training, but I think you got enough energy to get 'er done. :)

  11. Holy crap, you've got a full schedule ahead of you! You will be fine, keep pushing through! It all sounds like fun.


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