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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thirsty Thursday Flirt Off

We went out. Again. To the Blackbird. The pita and hummus is just oh sooooo good! I ate it ALL. I sort of offered to share, but was really happy when nobody accepted the invitation to eat my appetizer. The night started out normal. I was sitting (bellied up to the bar) between my mom and her friend Todd - whom I have stolen as my own friend. I mean really, do I let many gay men pass my way without just sucking them into my universe? Of course not! Joe, my new BFF (because I said so 2 weeks ago) was our bartender, as per usual. Really, Joe is the reason we go there at all.

Lined up, we all had our drinks (and my hummus) and conversation was flowing. Then we notice a man in a red shirt sitting to Todd's left. Todd immediately welcomes him into our conversation ... and this is where it all changed.  To cut out all the dirty details .... everyone thought red shirt Alex as good looking, very clean cut and polite. He seemed very interested in talking to Todd and myself. So then we were so confused! Was he "into" Todd? Was he "into" the girl?? What's the deal??? To conclude this post, enjoy the text exchanges that happened at the end of the night. 

First between Joe and I. Then Todd. Then Biker Boy.

In the end, as far as I heard before I crashed in my bed, we still don't know which way red shirt swings!


  1. Haha those situations are always tricky, let us know when u do!

  2. cracking up at your texting converstaion! Sounds like a great time either way.

  3. hahahahah those texts just made my day!! I love autocorrect!

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahaha!!! I hired a great kid that when he left the interview we asked, "Is he?" to which I replied, "If he isn't, I'll be damn shocked." Turned out he was a SERIOUS cougar hunter. And took great care of the older ladies in our office.

  5. What fun read, keep us posted!!!


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