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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bridezilla Update

Before I hit you with WDW Marathon Weekend race reports I thought I'd pop in with a quick update on the wedding planning!

Yesterday was a big day for me. It was my appointment with the alterations department to have my wedding dress fitted. I'm happy to say they still had to take it in... I was concerned that I gorged too much during marathon training and the holidays and that perhaps my dress would be a bit tighter. Phew!

I started off my day with a drive up I-5, just me, my phone and my iPad. Seeing as I'm getting married in Las Vegas, it seemed only fitting that I "watch" (that means listen to) The Hangover. I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE that movie. I have it all memorized and never tire of it. When that finished I put on Bridesmaids. Another classic for the bride-to-be! Before long I was up in Salem, cursing the town and reminded of how much I can't stand the people there. Seriously - I saw one mini-van almost wreck with 3 cars (mine being the first) in a span of less than 30 seconds.

At the mall I met up with Cilley Girl to take care of some essential shopping .... lingerie! Or in my case, I HAD to get a bra to wear under my dress for the fitting and wedding. Victoria's Secret terrifies me. I thought they didn't sell things for people of my miniature cup size. I guess I was wrong! Cilley and I combed through the store trying to find anything that could be worn strapless ... not a huge selection I might add. And quite frankly I thought Frederick's of Hollywood would be more fun, but we didn't know where to find one so yeah ....Anyhoozy...

Into the dressing room we went! Immediately I about killed Cilley with the stench of my feet when I took my shoes off. I have notoriously smelly feet - I should really wear socks more. My running shoes don't stink at all!  We had bra success, and then I almost passed out when I saw the price tag. I could have bought a running skirt for the cost of one freaking over the shoulder boulder holder. Ridiculous. Thanks to gift cards my dad had given me, my $116 total ended up only costing me $16. Score! To top it off I got a free tote, earbuds and perfume. Winning!

We hurried off to David's Bridal after that. It was fun to get my dress back on - without wearing all my clothes underneath like I had done earlier in the morning. And putting it on with THE shoes? Ooh - I loved it!!! Alterations were a breeze and we even did some decorating to help make the dress more "me". Jessica arrived shortly after with bridesmaids dresses in hand. We picked out the colors we wanted to add to them, only to find out they were discontinued. Dammit. 

So off to Michael's we went to get ribbon and just do it all ourselves! We even managed to find some shoes for the girls and a ridiculously great price. Basically we are awesome shoppers and nothing like the bridal parties you see on TV that bicker about every detail!

In February I pick up my dress. In the mean time we have some work to do for the guys' outfits and of course other wedding things to plan ... but first I guess I better get working on my reception invites!

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