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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chocolate? What's That?

I feel like I deserve some sort of will power trophy. It hit me this morning that I have now gone TWENTY-YEARS without any candy or chocolate. Twenty-freaking years! If only I could do that with French fries. But then why on earth would I want to deprive myself of the deliciousness of a fry?

Resolutions. It's all the talk these days with the starting of the new year. I never really make new ones because I was trying to continue my streak. In the 9th grade as I was having some Halloween candy I told my parents that once it is the new year I was cutting out all candy. (Mind you I didn't eat much anyway, so this wasn't exactly the hardest challenge in the world.) But once the clock changed I refused to eat anything in the candy category. I've realized if I just smell a brownie, for example, then any craving at all is killed. After twenty years I basically have zero temptation. I'm a freak.

Running through pain & tears?
NOT in the plan for 2013. Pain free!!
And now with a new year I figure maybe I could try to have a resolution? First off I'll try to not be such a slacker with my running. Although number wise was I slacking? I started running in September of 2009 with the Couch to 5K program. In 2010 I ran about 321 miles. 2011 was about 525. 2012 was 804. Obviously not as high as a lot of people, but for me that was a huge increase, and one that I physically could feel. I've set a new goal of 900 miles for 2013. I'm not going to do any marathons after WDW next weekend. This time I want to run for myself. If a race sounds fun, like the Hop Hop Half Marathon on Easter? By golly I'll do it. If it doesn't sound fun then I'm not going to bother. I don't want to set any sort of number goal in terms of racing. I finished of 2012 doing a couple races that I had NO oomph to do. I was purely on a quest to get in enough so that I'll hit 20 in Disney World. Silly I know, but it just seemed like a good idea. Anyway, I don't want to feel annoyed to race. I want to run for fun and health. A nice steady amount of training, incorporating hills and speed training when I feel like it. I got so burnt out so I'm starting this year with a fresh slate. I already had one run so far and it was a beautiful day and really nice run!

Together Man Friend and I are going to try to cut back on the caffeine. I can't go cold turkey. I turned into a raging bitch in Wal-Mart (can you blame me?) over a ringing phone that no employee would answer the day I had no Diet Pepsi in my system. In college I had major withdrawals and got all twitchy and clammy. So yeah, we are going to help each other ween off of it gently.

And then... in case you missed it .... I'm getting married!! I'm resolving to amp up the Bridezilla level! So with that, we got our Oregon reception location booked. That means the planning is really going to take off. Invites get to be created. I get to start being antsy waiting for RSVPs. Decorations. Dancing. Food. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

So that's it. I'm going to be more steady about my training while keeping it fun. I'll ween off of caffeine. And along with all that in general like the rest of the world I'll try to stop feeling like a lard ass and eat better! I even made us do an hour of Zumba tonight - so we are two for two on working out in 2013!

What about you? Any really successful resolutions that you've set? What are you going for this year?


  1. i'm so impressed with your long duration without sweets. What will you do on wedding day with your wedding cake??

    1. Fortunately yummy white cake IS allowed!!!

  2. Wow! I don't know if I could go that long with no candy. I made it 6 months without coffee, but I switch to Chai Tea so I was till getting that caffine. This year my goal is to gestate a healthy baby and my little one has the goal to become an awesome big sister.

    1. That is THE best resolution EVER!!!!

  3. Came across your blog and happened to click on this particular post. First of all congrats on 20 years of no sugar/chocolate, I am not a big sweet person, but I don't know if I could do it. So, good on ya! Secondly, it was SO, so encouraging to read that this all started out for you with the C25K program and to read how far you have come. My friend and I, just finished the same program and will be training for our first 1/2 marathon tomorrow! Eeek! A little nervous, but gotta keep reminding myself that others have done and so can I. Great blog, btw!

    1. Why thank you, that's so nice to hear!! Seriously, I never thought a 5K would be in my future, then a half seemed so huge -- never would I think a marathon -- and then go and do Goofy and hit 5K, Half and Full back to back?? You can totally do it! Have fun training!!


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