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Friday, December 16, 2011

I Found It!! My Patriotic Look!

Remember how I said I've been wearing my capris with knee socks because I thought the first time I did it I looked patriotic? (Okay, so maybe just my legs, not the rest of me.)

WELL.... while cleaning out work e-mails I found this photo taken on Halloween in 2008. I originally wore this outfit (minus the capris) in 2006, with scarier make up and bloody wrists. You see Malice was a little suicidal that year. AND her bunny was late, so she killed him -- if you look at his tummy you can see the little boo boo he has. 

So this is the look I've been sporting for the last two weeks, just mixing it up a bit with different socks each day. Seriously I love it. Ooh!! I know what I should get in WDW to finish it off!!


  1. Me too! But mine involve Christmas theme.

    Are you talking about wearing this while running or for fun to the mall? I'm in the little of packing for home and I'm seriously thinking about that look so all my stuff fits in my suitcase!

  2. Sadly I'm totally wearing my capris and socks to work and the store and everywhere!

  3. and that makes me want to see the real-life Ronda Rae.
    It's like you are in the movies now and I want to see the real you!

  4. I should stop in at your work just to see this! My oldest has a George Washington costume, lol. He would like your hat :)


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