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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vegas Vacation ~ Runner Style

Oh Vegas, how I miss you so. It was just 24 hours ago that I was wandering through the Bellagio on my way to get a Wildberry Colada at Margaritaville. And now it is all just one fun, whirlwind memory! More reports are coming, but this is my main Vegas review ... in bullet point form!
  • All you can eat All day buffet! I felt like a genius when I saw 2 bananas and grabbed them for some pre-race fuel the next day. Yummy food! Nothing like having oodles of scrambled eggs and tater tots for breakfast!
    • I DID try something new. At dinner I had a bit of cucumber, cherry tomato, mushroom and some Greek orzo salad!
    • The pasta ... tons of pasta and dinner rolls.
    • Then more breakfast - the runners were everywhere on race day morning! It was so cool!!
  • Titanic. Enough said! .... Okay, I did buy Kim's husband S a present. That's not weird, right? He's the only one that really understands!!!
  • Souvenir drink ups. Only came home with two!
  • Rodeo rodeo rodeo. Those cowboy hats and strange shoes were everywhere! Runners? What runners? Vegas only loves the cow people apparently.
  • No, I don't want to talk about show tickets. No, I don't want a time share. No, I'm not coming back within a year.
  • Yes, I want the cards! Give me hooker cards. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS
  • In reality, yeah, we totally DID want the cards - we have a vision of making a deck of playing cards out of them. And we WILL go back within a year. I freaking LOVE Vegas!!
  • Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil ... a blog is coming on that ... I sobbed like a crazy MJ fan through the whole thing.
  • Margaritaville.... the only sit-down restaurant we visited.
  • The yummy pizza in New York-New York ... ate their twice. I'd go back two more times. So good!
  • Nathan's French fries for breakfast? Yes, please.
  • Freezone was great! A quiet night, but I got to see my two favorite Vegas residents and that's all a fruit fly could ask for!
  • Jack Sparrow told us our drinks look like cannonballs. Jack Sparrow. I mean he looked more like Jack Sparrow than Jack Sparrow does.
  • No, really, I don't want show or night club tickets. Stop asking me. I don't want the Grand Canyon either.
  • Fashion critics, that was our main job this weekend. We decided we need our own show because we are just THAT entertaining.
  • Joe Montana. Saw him.
  • Jose Canseco. Saw him... twice. Huge arms. Nice ass. I checked.
  • Shenandoah!! We flew right over Wayne Newton's house! We thought of visiting, but decided we'd see him next time.
  • I really miss Las Vegas.

For those curious about race-related Vegas things:
  • I am in love with my CEP compression sleeves I bought at the expo.
    • I spread compression love and had Jessica wearing sleeves in her first race!
      • She's going to be a race addict in no time! ;)
  • I stalked some fellow runners all weekend long. I'm stealth like that.
  • Signage for race events SUCKED! Thank goodness we runners don't mind talking to each other and helping everyone find their way.
  • The course was freaking AWESOME!! I loved it. 
    • And I ran it freaking awesome, too!!
  • RnR kinda dropped the ball in some areas.
  • The medical volunteer, Teresa, that helped me after I collapsed in the gear check area was just lovely. It felt like my mom was there taking care of me.
  • We were dropping like flies. Even hours after at Excalibur I saw EMTs being called to help a runner.
  • I felt like such a proud mom watching Jessica finish her first ever race and finish 6 minutes faster than her goal! She even sounds down for joining me at WDW's Wine & Dine next year!
  • Quote of the weekend from Jessica when looking at runners on space blankets all over Mandalay Bay ..... "everybody just looks kind of homeless". Very true.


  1. 1. Take me to Vegas with you.
    2. Can't wait for more posts about your trip.
    3. Loved how you dropped the medic tent bullet point like it was expected.
    4. S doesn't deserve presents. But, I know you've got this special thing going, so I understand.

  2. Yea! So glad you had fun! I was wondering how your trip went. Can't wait to hear more.

  3. Can't wait to hear more. Bummer about the negatives I have been reading about RnR vegas, I am glad it sounds like you still had a great time.

  4. can't wait to hear more about vegas!

  5. I'll stalk you, if you'll stalk me. You sneak into MY town and don't let me know...I work 5 minutes from the airport. I coulda met you for a cuppa Joe.

  6. Well, NattyBumpo, I WAS in your town - but I never left the airport, so that doesn't count. Very strange having a layover in Portland!

  7. Sounds like a packed schedule, looking forward to more of the skinny.

  8. what do you mean you collapsed..
    did I miss a post
    let me go check...

  9. ok no I did not miss any post
    I hope this was not too serious...
    I collapse twice after halfs...not fun.

    Vegas Vegas...lets talk about California...

    Surf City....come on now!

  10. 1) I bought the same shirt
    2) saw one too many people puke and pass out
    3) how did I miss the Titanic exhibit. BF and Dad vetoed it.
    4) where was this all day buffet??
    5) i was only offered weed 3 times. I'm a bit disappointed. Although the fact that one of those times...the dude offering was dressed as Garfield facts up for it

  11. Never heard of RnR dropping a ball before. haha

    Very interesting about the gift for S and also curious about Canseco, Heh.


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