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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MJ Cirque du Soleil + Freezone LV

Paris. Blanket. Prince Michael. ME. What do we have in common with Holly Madison, Criss Angel and Carrot Top?  We were all at the premier of the Michael Jackson Immortal Cirque du Soleil show. And apparently Paris and I BOTH sobbed during "I'll Be There." Yeah, it is very true, I am one of those crying Michael Jackson fans. I can't help it. I love him. 

My dear friend Alex
After a day of walking the Strip and having our carb load dinner, Jessica and I put on our evening attire and walked over to Mandalay Bay for the opening performance of Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil. This was my first ever Cirque show and I am so happy it was MJ! The energy was filling Mandalay Bay, with fans wearing Michael Jackson inspired clothes and waiting in line to get their souvenirs. My purchase was a program (which I was charged $65 dollars for -- they promptly gave me $40 back to correct the error. This was one of 3 times in Vegas that I was charged a very wrong amount.) Once I had my program we joined the jam packed crowd to get into the theater. We were concerned when it was already 7pm (show time) and we still hadn't even seen where we enter the showroom. Bad planning on Mandalay Bay's part? Perhaps -- after this and RnR I really was convinced Mandalay Bay needs to get their act together! We shuffled through metal detectors which they ignored and they checked our bags without actually checking them. Quickly we hurried and got our seats and watched everyone file in. It was a nice venue. Pretty large, but smaller than Portland's Rose Garden arena. After about a 25 minute delay it was time to start!

Daniel & I, post show
If you have a chance to see the show, DO IT!! I am not going to really talk about the show or its elements because I don't want to be the girl that inadvertently has spoilers and ruins anything for your experience. I will talk about my experience though. The minute it started I had goose bumps. They never left until after I was out of the arena. I was just one big roller coaster of emotions. Sadness, awe, shock, laughter, nostalgia. It was a high energy non-stop make you want to get out of your seat and dance kind of night. There were down time moments as well, and during every single one I turned into a blubbering idiot. I actually took my sweater off during the very beginning so I could use the inside of it as a tissue to dry my eyes. I wish I was joking. By the end Jessica had to dig through her purse to find a napkin for my face and chest. I cried so much it went down my shirt in my "cleavage"! "Cleavage" is in quotes because obviously there isn't much there, which is why it cracks me up to say. 

So much was going on. Musicians. Dancers.  Singers. Videos. Effects. It was just breathtaking! It told a fluid story and had a fabulous mix of biggest hits and songs that you maybe didn't even know but yet you still left the theater singing every word of them. I am so glad I didn't give Jessica an option and I just bought the tickets on a whim. It was totally worth it and if I can see it again, I totally will! You know what it was ... it was love. You felt it throughout the whole show. Everybody there was a fan. The performers used all of their talent to show off their admiration and share it with us all. It was just overwhelming for me ... hence the non-stop tears.

My honorary boyfriend, Daniel
Leaving the arena was just as crazy as getting in was. The next show was getting ready so now you have all the people waiting to get in and all the people wanting to get out just mixed into one small area. Ugh, Mandalay Bay. Ugh. This was like an ominous sign of what was to come the next night at the race! We high tailed it over to the door and saw the world's longest taxi line. Not willing to wait and miss our next show I decided to haul ass on foot to the Luxor. We got a cab with no wait and were on our way to nearby Freezone. 

Freezone is apparently right by where some of the weekend's rodeo events were happened. Nothing like the air-filling odor of horse manure! I sent my souvenir and cookies backstage with Daniel and then anxiously awaited the shows start so I could see him return to the stage and see my dear friend Alex as our evening's host. The show was so much fun. Apparently it takes me going to a gay bar in Vegas for guys to actually want to grab my boobs and other bits?!? What happens in Vegas stays there, so I won't share the REAL stories! ;) Once the show ended we did some socializing, photo taking and then decided it was kind of blah inside and all four of us left together. I hate good byes, but we all had to part. I can't wait to see those two again really soon. They are some of my favorite people and I already miss them.
I want to keep him .... that's "Jessica Rabbit"!
Alex and I before we all called it a night.
The coolest, very chatty cabbie took us back to Excalibur and we decided to walk back to the Luxor. I had gotten our name on the list for the Cathouse that night and was dying to finally walk through my favorite door. When we got there we were denied. (Oh no, I better censor now that I'm in blog world. We might have had our special names for people all weekend long.) The man at the rope told us we had to be there before midnight if we were on the list. We swear the guy earlier told us 1am. So now we are thinking we just got denied because we didn't look like your typical night time Vegas hoe bags. Lame balls. Walking back to the hotel room we hatched our next plan. Dropped off jackets and my program and walked over to NYNY for some delicious pizza. We also decided that we should each set our own goals for health and fitness. And our reward will be our return trip to Vegas where we WILL get inside that sexy door! Then dick face can suck it! Oops, so much for censoring. ;)

I thought Daniel looked super hot right here in an unplanned pose!
Overall it was a great night! I am STILL listening to MJ non-stop and have no plans to change that!

**For newer readers, here is my favorite definition of Fruit Fly from Urban Dictionary: 

A woman who is friends with a gay or bisexual man but who does not have an interest in seducing them like many fag hags do. (Could be for a variety of reasons, they themselves maybe lesbians or may just enjoy being friends with a man who isn’t trying to get in their pants). Typically very attractive.


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