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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Run #4.2 - I Was Awesome for a Bit

I totally forgot to document my second run as I prepare for the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. Oopsies!

Okay, so this will be fast. Friday night I wanted to do 4 or 5 miles. I was feeling amazing after the sub-30 5K training run. Threw on my shoes, skirt and shirt and was out the door. I couldn't believe how awesome I was! I mean I was running and felt like I was working, but not pushing too hard. I wasn't slacking, but felt a good pace. I guessed I had to be at 10:23 (not 25, not 20, but 23 dang it!). Imagine my surprise when I was more like 9:15! I was obsessively checking my Garmin and was always in the low 9's. Completely baffled, I just continued on. I felt maybe I was going to fast to maintain that pace for 5 miles, so toyed with pushing for the 5K distance, then backing off for the last two. 

It is amazing that all of this decision making happened only in one mile. Yes, for that first mile I was kicking ass! And then my knee froze up. I realized that I forgot to bring out the Stick and roll, as some of you had suggested to me. Dammit. I tried to continue and run through it. At 1.5 miles I HAD to stop, grab a tree and figure out how to make my leg move. In that 1.5 miles I had only been running for 14 minutes.  My adding machine tells me I was averaging a 9:33 minute mile pace. Hot dog! I again thought to just go for it and maybe ease up. I barely made it .09 of a mile before I was down again. I crawled my way to a bench and sat down. My leg was in all sorts of pain and I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish any of my goals for the evening. I was really disappointed. I mean I feel like my head is so in the game and all of those mental battles I had earlier, I've kind of gotten them in check a bit and gotten stronger. If only my body could keep up. 

So I pushed it to 2 full miles in just under 20 minutes. Then it was the lonely walk of shame home. Over a mile I had to just walk, regain normal function in my left leg and most importantly NOT let it get to me. I have to stay positive and just enjoy the fact that for 14 minutes I was feeling like a super hero!

Tonight will be run 3. I'm going to try to force myself to not be speedy pants and see how far I can go with my leg. It feels a LOT better, so maybe rest was a good idea!


  1. You know, I must say that I am starting to get a little bit worried about what's going on with your knee.

    Have you thought about having it checked out? Pushing through when it hurts is sometimes ok, but if you are having the kind of pain you seem to be describing on every run, and after only a mile, then there just might be something serious going on.

    Better to not run for a while, get it checked out and rest, then take the chance of messing it up so badly that you can't run for a long time, or perhaps even ever again!!

    Just my .02 worth.....

  2. It's not a walk of shame if you're injured.

  3. @Rose - thanks - I'm sure my limp helped tell motorists that I wasn't just some chick lollygagging on the sidewalk. I hope!

    @Jules - I'll see how it goes tonight. If it acts strangely again I PROMISE to consider getting it checked out! Even considering it is a HUGE step for me!

  4. Firstly, you are always awesome! OK?!!
    Secondly, take care of that knee!!!!! Rest it, Ice it. Get it checked out. Or get some voodoo love on it. Whatever. Take care of it!!

  5. Take care of that knee. Don't go to long if you are injured! ice, ice, ice...

  6. Every running injury I've ever had has been an issue with my knee. I'm concerned that you have something serious going on with your knee. RICE, use The Stick, and get it checked out if the pain continues.


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