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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fruit Fly Has a Night Out!

Friday night was So Much FUN!!

Arwyn, whom I've known for my entire life and does my hair, put together a huge group of friends to go down to the casino for the drag show. Well obviously I was not going to miss it! Biker Boy was coming down for the weekend, so this was to be our first night out on the town! There was drinking, dancing, singing, talking and laughing. Plus the drag show, obviously!

Before the show Arwyn (center) and I continued our bathroom stall photo tradition, this time bringing Shari along for it! The three of us graduated high school together ages ago.

My review of the show .... a HUGE improvement over last years "Gone Country" disaster. Still there were some mis-castings. Not sure a guy in her late 40s(??) should be cast as Christina Aguilera in a Lady Marmalade number when the other two performers are young and fit. I mean if you were doing it as an obvious joke, then I guess it could fly. Sadly, this was in all seriousness, and it didn't work for me. The humor was good in this show, and the young guys with their fresh new perspectives and new numbers were really enjoyable. I was happy to have a break from the same tired numbers and finally see my friend James kick ass as Liza. There was also Britney and Lady Gaga. And then more of the same old shtick. Overall I enjoyed the show! It was a fun way to start my Friday night and my weekend of not being a runner!

Here are some photos!
All the ladies with the "ladies". James is right behind me, he is adorable!
Not that we are playing favorites, but can you tell which one is our #1 queen?
It was time to dance! Can you believe I went out in 3" heels to drink and dance
this close to a big race? What happened to me??
Biker Boy was the only male around for most of the night.
Perhaps I didn't mention I was pretty much the only straight girl of the bunch for 90% of the evening?

The Fruit Fly getting some lesbian lovin'!  ;)
We move the party upstairs to the hotel rooms all the girls were staying in. I was driving,
so I had to behave. Shucks!
That's Tonia - Arwyn's wife, and she is awesome!
Our group for the evening -- we did let one other straight couple hang with us!

Three of us all had dance lessons together when we were younger, so there may have been some impromptu singing and dancing. What can I say - I have an excellent memory for things and I still know every step to the Mickey Mouse birthday party song that we learned before we were even in kindergarten! Left the room at midnight, ran into my oldest friend's step-dad when I got out of the elevator, had French toast and hash browns in the cafe, left for the 30 mile drive at 1am. 

We had to be at my mom's by 7am so we could get to the golf course for our tee time. Not much sleep was had that night! Up next .... my weekend on the golf course where I may or may not have gotten medical advice without a co-pay and people may or may not have gotten a hole in one!


  1. It sounds like a super fun night! I can't wait to hear about the rest of the weekend. And you look super cute - love the skirt!

  2. Your hair looks fantastic!!!!!! Sorry, I mean, fantASStic!

  3. So much fun. You look amazing. What I would do to have your hair. Can't wait to see you!!!

  4. I'm getting so excited for Seattle! **I promise my hair WON'T look like this when we are there! ;)

  5. Going to a drag show is on my bucket list!

  6. Sounds fantastic! They have a super awesome drag show in KY at a place called the Connection. Fabulous!

  7. What a fun night! You looked smokin'. I've been to a drag show once before, but that was several years ago.

  8. I took my mom to see the Edwards Twins this past November - it was AMAZING. These guys (gals?) do such an amazing job with the impersonations, singing, dressing, hair/makeup, I love it! I would totally go again!


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