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Monday, June 13, 2011

Run #4.13 - I Did Algebra Running!

My friend John is a pretty awesome athlete. We first met at this party for R*nda Appreciation Day (R.A.D. - My own holiday that I created) in 2009. Anyway, things got waaaayyyy out of hand (I mean like things you'd hear about and never believe would happen, but it did. I have the photos and video to prove it.) John and I bonded by hanging out in the sauna (fully clothed) watching the chaos outside. I guess we felt safer in there as the two sober ones that didn't want to participate in things of which we do not speak. Anyway, he was just starting to get into running again. Do you read RaceCenterNW magazine? If so, you may have seen a two page spread about him in the current issue! 

So, why am I talking about my friend instead of my run? Well.... you all talk about these crazy things you do when running. I say it looks like algebra and doesn't make any sense to me. I mean when I run I just run. I don't try to do anything fancy. I just go at a pace for a distance, then go home. I posted my run on facebook via Daily Mile and John asked what kind of work out I did. I told him I'm not advanced and described it. Here's what he told me I did!
So you did 2x400 with a recovery in between. Your pace was significantly faster than your 5k pace, so you just completed a nice speed interval workout. Good job! Next week you should try doing 3x400. I think you will be amazed at how quickly this will pay dividends.
And there's my run in a nutshell. I did an algebra run finally!  You know what? It was really fun, too! I only got in two miles on this run because there were some kids thrashing around on dirt bikes on the track. The track is loose/hard packed dirt - not a fancy track. So I didn't run as long as I wanted there because I didn't want to get crashed into. Seeing the first crash was enough to send me on my way!

So two miles in 19 minutes. Can you believe I actually ran low 8's? I looked at was maintaining 8:18 pace for a while. What the heck?? And no pain! Oh yeah, I didn't run this weekend. I don't even feel guilty about it. I just needed the break. Not mentally, but physically. My leg needs bigger gaps of rest than my mind wants, but if I am going to have a fun experience in Seattle I want to run without a ton of pain. So I will sacrifice now for the long run gain!

I'm sharing this photo with all of you for a reason. I saw this on one of the huge ships during the Rose Festival this weekend. I immediately though of SUAR actually. I giggled, took my photo and went on my way. It just spoke me. Reminded me of the horror stories you hear about during racing!


  1. Awesome run! So glad your knee is feeling better.

  2. Running Algebra - I think my head is going to explode...

  3. When you are halfway through your next race and you start calculating your pace and expected finish time...THAT is doing algebra running. I knew I was low on sugar when I stopped being able to do that during my marathon in April. I need to do more speed work.

  4. hahaha. that picture/caption is hilarious.

    Congrats to you and your speedy 8 minute miles!! :)

  5. Great run!!!! You really will be surprised at how quickly you improve if you implement those workouts once a week! I did it and shaved a full minute off of my 5k pr. Then a week later, I shaved another 1:03 off of my PR!

    Speedwork RULES!

    Great pic - yeah, definitely SUAR material!

  6. Algebra run! I love that description.

  7. You are rocking, R!!
    Way to go for the speed work! New doors will be opening soon :)

    Running Geometry = running the tangents. :). That would include sticking to the inside lane of the track.

  8. Guys, don't scare her. She just got to algebra and now you have her in geometry. Don't let her know about "Running Calculus", she will quit right now.

  9. Oh no - I totally get the geometry! When I first started racing I didn't. I'd just stay out of everyone's way. Now I always have a visual and run the tangents! During this track session I couldn't do the inside lane because of the dirt bike fest going on, but next time!

    I'm good at algebra in real life, not sure why it freaks me out when I read everybody's crazy equation looking work-outs.

  10. Running algebra, so true! But you did it and did it well, you are a mathematical genius now.

  11. it totally is algebra- perfect description. good job!

  12. running algebra always hurts my brain, as does trying to do ANY math while running. Not sure why it's so impossible! Great pace on that run!


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