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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Photographic Proof of My Kick!

Sunday I did the Corvallis Half Marathon. If you didn't read that race recap yet, I'll just jump to the final second, because it was that final second that was epic!  I'd been neck and neck with a fellow runner for the last few miles. I wasn't racing her, only my Garmin. Once on the football field (we finished on the 50 yard line) she looked back at me, saw my placement and tried to take off. Well I wasn't going to stand for that! Had she not done that, this story would be different. I just checked the final stats ... turns out I outran a NINETEEN year old! For the record, I am 32 (and a half). So pretty much, I am awesome! I crossed .02 seconds before her. BUT little did I know I also passed someone else at the last second ... you'll see that shortly!

Here we are at mile 2 - still feeling great and keeping up with the fast people!
And here you have my full outfit that I was complimented on for 13.1 miles!
(And who DOESN'T have a heel strike here??)
This is on Bald Hill, about 6 miles in. My poor shoes. I retired them after this race.
Mile 10 -- where someone told me I was looking strong. Yay!
Ignore the spit on my shirt. It was touch and go during this race!
I am about 10+ yards behind. We're already on the field. We only had until the 50 yard line ...
I beat her! I knew practicing a strong finishing kick during every training run would pay off!
*This isn't even the 19 year old - I passed this girl to take 1 spot ahead of her in our division!*

Suddenly I feel so much better about that race. I'm ready for the next one!



    One of the tris I did had peoples' ages written on their calves, which was great, knowing who was in my age division, so I could use up all ounces of strength to pass them.

  2. Nice!!

    I need to know more about this skirt. As in, I love it and want one of my own.

  3. It is from Skirt Sports - a Gym Girl Ultra. I love that style, I've NEVER had any chaffing issues or discomfort at all! *knock on wood*

  4. Awesome job Rhonda!!! OH you look fabulous too!! Please do tell me how you got these pictures on here. I try to copy the ones from my races without buying them and I can't. :( my hubby (then boyfriend) and I used to run to bald hill and back every day in the summer of 2000! MIss it! Was this a hard, easy, medium course as far as difficulty?

  5. You killed this!

    Loved the outfit BTW - especially the spit spot!!!

  6. I think you look awesome and I use my shirt to wipe my mouth during races too. I suppose I could start stuffing with a hanky or something...but, no.
    Great job!!

  7. Great outfit! Do you have one picked out for your soon to be favorite half, Eugene, yet?

  8. Why yes I do! I've had my Eugene outfit since ... 2010? I know I had it ready before my Princess Half outfit!

  9. Love the kick at the end, nice job! Passing people right at the end is THE BEST FEELING. Congrats!

  10. It's so great passing people at the end of the race. Awesome job! Cute outfit, too!

  11. Your outfit is rad!!

  12. awesome pics....look at that sweet a$$ quad in the close up!!!!

  13. sometimes all you need is one run/race to bring you back in the game and sounds like this one was it!

    that was pretty bada$$ lady!

  14. You look great in these pictures! And love the outfit :)

  15. I love your outfit!! And nice kick at the end!!

  16. You are awesome! Way to go!

  17. Way to go with the strong kick! Awesome.


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