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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Run #3.1 - Mother/Daughter Bonding

My plan for the night was to take Lady, my beautiful, furry, chubby, short-legged little daughter on a walk with me. We were going to hit my friend's house to give him some Arctic Ease in exchange for Born To Run. I have two new pairs of shoes that I want to start breaking in ASAP, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to put on the adidas. Given the fact that I just "ran" a half marathon on Sunday, I was still pretty sore and not moving too great. I thought a peaceful walk with my dog would be perfect!

I slipped on a Nike running skirt that I deemed unacceptable for running. Nike peeps, I have the Oregon love for you, but come on, your running skirts SUCK! Cute - but NOT made for running, unless of course you enjoy little shorts that ride up and cause chaffing. I mean if that's your cup of tea, then I have some suggestions of skirts for you. Since adidas is knocking on my door to sponsor me, I threw on one of my favorite long-sleeve adidas shirts, some adidas socks and my beautiful new adidas shoes. I am a walking advertisement. The least they could do is reward me for it, right?? I decided to use my Garmin, just to see how far my dog could handle walking around the neighborhood. Poor girl is just not in shape. I've tried to run with her, but she can't make it far at all. Also, not one to slack once my mind is in the zone, I was going to consider this my first attempt back out there and my first training run to prepare for Eugene! (Who needs Boston when all of us here in the PacNW have Eugene to prep for?? Okay - Small Town Runner gets a pass on this one because I am beyond excited for her to run Boston!!)

Lady was a bundle of energy when I asked if she wanted to go for a walk. She was such a good girl and let me put her leash on - but then she tried to tear out of our driveway before I even had the door shut. It was clear she didn't want to stroll. Next thing you know we are running! I didn't think my legs had it in them, I didn't think my dog had it in her at all! That little girl ran a mile!! This is HUGE! A mile in 11 minutes. But that time is so deceiving. You see Lady stops to sniff everything. So for that mile I was trying to keep her moving every time she paused. Then we had to go potty in the middle - you know how running some times just makes you HAVE to go! My little angel was going faster than 10 minute mile pace the whole time she was actually running. I was so proud! I had to constantly talk to her and cheer her on so she'd keep moving (sound familiar, Lesley??) and after we finished one mile we walked for .3 so she could "cool down". I didn't want my girl getting all stiff on me. (I bet she sleeps all day and doesn't move at all when I'm home tonight!)

So 15 minutes later I had a great run, and my dog traveled a whopping 1.3 miles. I was so proud of my girl that I had to call her Grammy to brag and post on facebook about how awesome my dog is! It was a great return to training. I'm so ready to get the show on the road - and I LOVED the shoes!


  1. totally agree, nike skirts SUCK!!!! they are reserved for working out in the yard now :(

    love those adidas shoes!

  2. Those shoes are flippin' awesome!! Love them!

  3. I can't wait to have a dog to run with.

    I hate all running skirts. The shorts are never long enough for me, which leads to wicked chaffing. I shouldn't have to shave my legs to run.

  4. I love running skirts - I do enjoy my Nike, but it is long enough to not ride up - thankfully!!!

    How awesome you were able to get out with the puppers!

  5. Love the shoes. I want a dog to run with, but just to run with not to have to care for all the time.

  6. Cute cute cute!
    Love going out there with my dogs!

  7. oh my gosh...those adidas are sweet and don't even look like running shoes...too kewl!

  8. First things first, I am so jealous of your shoes it's not even funny, those are fly. Secondly, how awesome is it that lady ran a mile. I would be super proud too!

  9. But did you have to pull the tangles out of her hair??? What kind of running partner are you?


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