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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Watched Clock Never Boils

May 3, 2015   Arts and crafts. Disneyland planning. Canada daydreams. All day "shopping". A sunny morning in the cemetery. Lunch with my husband. More arts and crafts. Spoiling my animals. Bonding with my puppy brother. Watching countless hours of departures. on Netflix. (Seriously, if you haven't watched it, you MUST!!!!). Laundry. Vacuuming. Dishes. You name it, I've probably done it in my quest to make the time go by.   

Today I tried to refill my birth control pills and had a brief moment of panic when she said it was too soon to refill. I am on doctor's orders to NOT do the placebo week and go straight into the next pack. Luckily she said I could get them tomorrow, phew. All of this worry for one tiny pill from the package before I am happily off of these. As I type this now I am battling extreme drowsiness. Stupid pills.

The Lupron - oh my!! Today will be the 3rd injection (I have a month of it), but I still have about 2 hours until I do that. At this point, physically all I feel is minor itching at the injection site. But hello mood!!! I actually am not thinking of the mood change as a bad thing. I've decided the Lupron gives me the courage to say, "I'm not taking your shit any more!"  My advice? Don't piss off my innocent animal and then blatantly laugh at her and do it again. I've had this little girl in my life for 15 years and I know her noises. When I hear the noise she saves for only extreme instances and then snotty laughter (TWICE!) -- you can guarantee I WILL be in your face with an angry What. The. Fuck. That would happen anyway, but on Lurpon? -- Ha, yeah do NOT try to push any of my buttons and all will be fine. A pushover no more!! 

I have an app on my phone that is a countdown. As of the time I started this post, I have 1 month 1 day and 19 hours before I am at OHSU and ready for my perfect little embryos. I cannot wait for that to say less than a month!!!

MAY 2015
Begin Lupron injectionsLupron
Last birth control pill
LupronLupronLupronLupronLupronUltrasound/blood workBegin Estrace pills
Estrace: M
Estrace: MEstrace: M Estrace: M Estrace: M Estrace: M EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
LupronLupronLupronLupronLupronUltrasoundProgesterone injections
Estrace: M EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M N EEstrace: M EEstrace: M E
Progesterone ProgesteroneM: Morning N: Noon E: Evening
Estrace: M EEstrace: M E

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